Master and Servant 3D Entry: Dimitris Liatsos


looking very well:thumbsup:
firstly good concept then nice details such as human anatomyclothswind*…etc.
nice modellinglightingtexturing progress!

Congratulation! Good Work!:slight_smile:


haha Dimitris !

It’s wonderfull! If a guy just see this image, he will think you’re a no joke artist! But by following all this entry, we know you’re also a nice fellow. Just thinking of this is funny.:slight_smile: Killer in the work and cool in the process. Admirable!

Yeah there is obviously a master piece of work feeling, as already noticed. Man it’s a strong image… I love the contrast between the solid comp, the dynamic from clothes ans the nice curves from her back. This final shot is very cool!

Plus you definitively have the most beautyfull ass (a, well she has lol) of all this challenge. Huya! this ass is hypnotic. Almost dangerous. This god is a very strong god to resist her. Hey he even lost his hairs because of her…

I would love to see a 3 meter version of this image. Like classical paintings in churches or so…

Congrats man and :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:





Very nice work, the tones are marvelous.


dimitris … did i tell you this is incredible yet … if not i meant to

this is fatastic stuff :bounce: :bounce:

i’ll tell you something else … you where what scared me out of the space-opera challenge … i was watchin the ferocious stuff you were making and just said “phhhhht … no-way” and ran away like a little girl :cry:

just impressive stuff you pump out :applause:


hey,Congrats Dimitris,thats very c0ol! very impressive.,i agree with what James said,that was so expected,!:thumbsup: :bounce: :smiley:
Good luck!


Hey My Friend, its the end of the comp and i have enjoyed watching you work to such a great image… best of luck with the judging and see you in the next one my friend. :thumbsup:


Hi Dimi… So whats up?:wink:

… I am stopping by to wish you luck,and to congratulate you on a nice finish.You put forth a fine effort as always,and came up with a fine piece.Take care,and best wishes…:arteest:


a agree with nearly everyone here… such an impressive image dimitri… fantastic all the best mate in teh voting process… good luck to you and im sure we’ll see you in the next challenge…:thumbsup:


Dimitris, you are a talentuous challenger. Great, great work!


Great work- well crafted, richly detailed & a powerful image. Congratulations :thumbsup:


Great picture , love the light and the ambiance you’ve put into this piece. :slight_smile:
And for sure , i love the foreground ! :thumbsup: :scream:


Nice work man, super lighting, composition…good luck in the final shakedown
Regards Patina!

My HunchBack


Nice work man, super lighting, composition…good luck in the final shake-down
Regards Patina!

My HunchBack


Wow this really turned out to be quite a departure from your usual style, in my opinion. But a very nice result, well done :slight_smile:


The more i study the picture the better it gets. The bodies are fantastic, got to love the back on that girl. Great pose to. It’s one of my favorites.


and the sculpted details on the steps too :eek: :thumbsup:


congratulations :applause:with a very good work


Beautiful work. Good luck! :slight_smile:



Friends i really thank u for your kind words…it is really appreciated.
This is for all Cgtalkers…and especially those who helped by their comments and observations. 1200 height wallpaper :bounce: