Master and Servant 3D Entry: Dimitris Liatsos


beutifull dimi :wink:


hey dimi… amazing image man… i love the modeling… i just dont like much the idea…

best luck !
c ya !


Congratulations Dimitris… good choice for the final… Your art is a really goldmine for us… respect my friend :bowdown: you are as the good vine, better years by years… or challenges by challenges… :thumbsup:


Hey there Dimitris,

Your image came out really well! I love the style that you have chosen to create it in. It really suites the subject matter and time period.

Well done!



Heeeeyyy …guys …thank u very much…i hope we all meet again a new one.
I also hope i could use the last five days…i could really make some stuff better…but that should do for now.

Good luck to all of ya…and always have fun



Nice work overall man :thumbsup: , if things at work were not hectic latelly I m shure it would be a tiny bit beter:D

Keep it up !(Iknow you will)


Excellent work Dimi! There are no words to describe it!:thumbsup:



What a good mood, and a good word to laugth.
Dimitris you’re the best.
By the way your challenge is great.


Hi !
I wanted to congrat you for that nice piece of 3D work. Special mention to the lady’s back.:thumbsup: Now, maybe I’m wrong but I find that your work is very close to the pictures of Boris Vallejo (you probably know him). Because here, I can find everything that makes his images so particular :

Slightly body builded beautiful girls (many with short hair, typical of the fantasy of the seventies and eighties) and body builded men in a dominant attitude.

And the theme of your picture fits perfectly with the “Tarnsman of Gor” book series (from John Norman…and no it’s not me:D) which are really a fantasy masterpiece (but more and more difficult to find now in France).

This is because of those parallels and more that I like your picture ! :thumbsup::buttrock:


awesome dude… & good luck!!!:bounce:


Insane good Dimi! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Bubble Bubble! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
you godly rocked again dimi! congrats on your furious final! wooohoooooooooooooooo!


I love it Dim’
Good job !
I’m sorry I miss all this!
I am glad I saw the final !
Good luck Pal ! And maybe we will see you in Paris soon !


Really well controled piece of work man, really love the final lighting and human forms are wonderful models too. Congrates on finishing, and the best of lucks.:bounce:


i made this my wallpaper at home, good luck in the voting , dude :thumbsup:


wow :thumbsup: congrats dimitris !


Impressive image, but i think the same the master is too rigid (the pose)


I really like the woman pose :wink:

But…Your skin shading isn’t enought realistic…but it’s a nice work man :wink:
Good luck :thumbsup:


Dimi…this image is so cool! I like the way of your chosen topic! With your county’s culture and history it’s an outsanding interpretation! Congrtulations! You did it again…and am sure you will do it next time too…:bowdown:



i do love this piece.:bounce:
great comp,lighting,ambiance and realy cool characters.
congratulations.:thumbsup: :applause: :buttrock:


Hey man…i think this entry has very nice details on it…i was looking to your modeling and texturing and i found some very nice details …your work is precise and very well done…and not just the models and textures are good…also the lights setup and all…youre a complete artist and u are comming with a great art piece again…i wish u luck for the voting…and i hope we meet again in other challenge…this one i wasnt able to be really part of it…but next time i hope ;)…

Oh of course: MOre Bubbles!! for the NUTS LOrd:scream: :slight_smile: