Master and Servant 3D Entry: Dimitris Liatsos


I have to say that this is very nicely executed. Live the flesh tones on the girl. Much luck. Only thing I would suggest is making the guy stand out a bit more. The girl’s flesh looks so great that it makes the guy’s flesh a little flat. Other than that it looks awsome.


W:eek:W Dimi, Great Final!!

Congratulations on your new MASTERPIECE :wink:
Everything looks perfect and i love her back :twisted:


See ya in the Voting :wink:

Good luck to you! Cheers :beer:


Clearly some fine work DimitrisLiatsos… All your energy and effort really shines through in this piece mate:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: Congratulations and Good Muck!


Hi Dimi:) Congrats to your great work… the final colors is amazing… great modelling, great textures, great composition, lights… all great! :thumbsup: :buttrock:once more congrats and good luck


:blush: Guys …i really am happy u like this… :beer:

I think i have to thank u all for every comment u made and crit…that really helped .

I especcialy want to thank

monsitj …for that paint over for Ares cloth …that really ignited my imagination more , thanks my friend! :thumbsup:

Lemog …for his observations in persp and general feeling…love ya crazy Frenchy

venum …for his light observations …u made push it further , thanks man.

Squibbit …for the small observations all the time to fix mistakes everywhere… :slight_smile:

Xtronik …for helping me with his suggestions make the pose of the Lady more dramatic.

FlyingP … For his observations on composition …(i know …guy looks a bit stiff…argggh…i 'll do better in the future piggy, i promise)

JamesMK …for his support and the corrections on final image … :smiley: :argh: :smiley:

gpepper …cause although i didn’t use SSS shaders …his tutorial on SSS in Maya helped me a lot to develop skin in XSI…

my Wife …for hitting me twice the day in the head with that damn Book…The local Pharmacy has sold too many bandaids this last month … :scream:

…and of course all U crazy NUTS CGTALKERS… :bounce: …thanks guys

P.S ; …sniff …it’s over again…arghhh


yeah! Dimi! you made it ! stunning work from begining! good job! and congratulation! :thumbsup:


thanks dude and i thank monsit too, again for that paintover, really good idea dude :thumbsup:


Sorry for this fanboi post… but

That is awesome Dimitris! Glad to see you coming to terms with XSI and producing such excellent work.


Congrats on creating a really great image! :thumbsup: I particularly like the composition of the master, cloth, and background. The modeling on all parts rock! Well done! :applause:


It’s just so haaard not to apreciate this piece,and so easy to do it.
Maan.The lights,the volume light behind is a killer.The sort of,god like atmosphere.
Theese silky sheets arround flying in breeze.It just has great aesthetyc’s.
Im not much of critique guy,basicly I have to say anything that any other would here,great piece.cos im not god critician,and second,there is nothing much to critique,soo.I see ya in few days or weeks probabaly when we have time for good nice chat. :thumbsup:


Hey dimitri!

What beautifull posts. I’m impress by the texture details.
the light change quiet a lot.
The light on the amazon is beautifull. I’ve still have some problem with the level, the contrast of the shadow on the belly. I’d like to see more contrast and a gradation. Maybe it because there is a kind of specular on this side. I was expected more diffu, and less specular. I still have a problem with the amazon hair as well. It’s look like a blinn with no transparency, specular map. It’s loo like there is no shader. Sorry for this comment.

My feeling on the master is the texture are really beautifull. The lighting look like more accurate. But on the different close up. The shading of the skin is a bit blinny. The speuclar is too regular and flat. Yo need may to broke the specular with a map, Or use a skin shader (It’s not compulsory of course) I’ve got an another trouble. It is beause there is a top backlight, we could feel rim light on the master (top of the head, shoulders) and his cloth and the skirt.

It’s a really nice work your doing dimitry. I’m in hurry to be the 18th. Ok, you’re not in hurry LOL…



Thanks friends for the kind words…although i would love to have a week more especially for what venum just mentioned…meaning i really would love my friend to experiment more on ARES shading and light especially but i needed the machine where i have XSI for a work i am doing since Monday … :banghead: …so that 's all i could do …for now… on this piece. But i thank u for pointing this out…your words are not for nothing…I am gonna work on this more after a month or so (i think it needs 5-10 days ) to be more balanced.
:cry: …anyway i hope this as it is now is not so much off… :banghead: :argh:

thanks again friends.


Beautiful composition Dimitris:applause:
Well done:thumbsup:


Hey Dimi,

Good job man! :thumbsup:
I hope you had fun creating your image. Now we can rest :slight_smile:
Good luck.

ps.: I still hate you!



:sad:5-10 days. :slight_smile: You’re doing a nice and great jobs.


Muahahahah ! Should I carry that weight a long time ? :smiley:

Great job Dimitris ! A clean organic modelisation, great texture, amazing render and a cool final image ! You are a master ! Who are your servants ? :argh:


super great work dimitri, love it, love the flow of the picture, see you mate and :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


hey Dimitri!
well done! good luck! congratulations… etc
seriously, your image rocks!


hey man… u finished well done! The final looks great, as can be expected from you. I see you’ve fixed teh problems with the curtains… looking cool man!

now you can sit back and watch the rest of us suffer for the next 2 days… argh!

cheerz ;p


Congratulations,… very impressive especially from one so young:).
Thats one heck of a beautifull slave man,… phew!