Master and Servant 3D Entry: Dimitris Liatsos


Texturing corrections on his skirt shading…his belt and bracelets…also the collar that Amazon has around her neck…

I am starting now the layer behind them with the huge ornament and colums of temple…it …coming slowly to an end …for now…

C&C are welcomed…


Dimitri you NUT so much details :D… Looking great. Dont forget about minor details like the masters nails they should be a tiny bit lighter…

Keep at it…I’ll be waiting for the next update


it seem you alreay familiar with xsi ! very great texturing! do u use HDRI to light your scene?


Beautiful work, hey not only lord of bubbles, but lord of 3d too!:slight_smile: Clearly on of the top entries:thumbsup: Kalimera (one the few words I know…) Will be back for sure.


3dRaven … thanks man…lol…i DID forget them …hahahahaha!

monsitj …thanks my friend…no HDRI just the 14 light of their scene layer…i am not yet very familiar with texturing with XSI but the differences between our Maya and XSI are not big …u just need to experiment a bit and u are ready to go i think…:slight_smile:


U said it right friend…this is for Goodmorning…in evening and night (which is here now) we say KALISPERA (goodevening)…and that concludes todays Greek language lesson . :scream:

Kick ass avatar there.


Kalispera Mitsara, Great work man . AMAZING detail.:thumbsup::scream:. So good. The small indictations in Ares skin the detail of every part of the skirt and belt, the amazons collar. :bounce::bounce::bounce:. RESPECT



Looks great Dimi, love the texturing. DOn’t know if you had this planned but I thikn his grips on the chains should be tighter, lol, looks like he’s still holding the axe.


Dimitris … this is just sick … your a freakin nightmare with the textures … :eek:

absolutely sick stuff !!! :buttrock:


Hi Dimitri!
I really love your clean model render, without maps and stuff! pure sculpture!
I agree with snoopy ace4016 about the hand grip o the chains.
As for Ares clothes. I hope he hasn’t been fiddling with your GSO’s… Royal Guard Suit conerting it to a cape?:slight_smile:
Keep on the the great work:thumbsup:


Thanks guys for the comments…

Agamemnwn …thanks man for the encouragement.

ace4016 …thanks man…arghhh…about grip of hands…hmm …u are right …maybe they should close …,maybe ideed like this looks very relaxed holding of chains…arghhh …must find time…arghh 2 more days for me…:bounce:

pigwater …thanks man…i hope this is a compliment…hahahahah…thanks friend…love your entry …just love it really…(why don’t think stuff like that…darn!)

evanfotis …yup …there seems (hands) to be a problem to solve…arghhh…:buttrock:


You can do it. You have already eaten the hole donkey and its only the tail left. :smiley: ( hmm translating greek sayings in english hm hm :scream:) Keep up the good work my friend :bounce::bounce:


this is a piece of art!!!:thumbsup:

Congrats my friend and good luck :thumbsup:


Ok let be constructive. As ace4016 suggested the hands have a little loush grip on the chains but other then that looking att the previews updates on the 2 layers you have here i dont find anything less and everything looks really good. Keep up the good work my friend. can t wait to see the next update :smiley: :thumbsup:


…Light Setup (6 lights so far) for the background and some small additions to help the perspective a bit…
Maybe foreground light should tone down a bit to give the more atmosphere…still experimenting…

hope u like it…

C&C are welcomed


looks really good Dimitri and the stairs on the background give a nice definition of depth and volume to the background. Are you going to light the stairs as well? I really like the volymentric lights coming down to the center of the scene where the master and servant are. It nicelly brings out the stream of wind that blows Ares cloths and the curtains on the top that are dirrecly on the flow of stream and little the side curtains that are blocked by the columns . Really nice.



If the bg would be presented alone, as Agamemnwn said I would give some liight to the stairs, and perk up the volumetric a bit.
But sinc this is just background and the protagonists are going to stand just in front of it, keep it low profile not to distract the attention and clutter the image.
Only if we see the whole comp with the people inside can we deside how to treat the background. As you say maybe the left light on the column is a bit over exposed and need to be softened…
Cant wait to see the whole comp!:bounce:


that curtain that occupies just the upper portion of the
pic looks too made, too even and not billowing enough.

Agreed ?


theres some cool stuff going on here.
You ve got a lot of crispy modelling details there – are you planning to use a depth blur to ease them a little?



Agamemnwn, evanfotis … thanks guys …i will not overdo it in the background (stairs and corridor) since it won’t be much visible…Final compo is started rendering…(from Back to front…)

Squibbit …agreed …i tried to give it a bit more complex movement and more billowinng feeling. …arghhh maybe more could be done there …if i have a couple of in the week , i will correct it more. I have sterted rendering the final layers (1 hour ago )…'cuase i am afraid i will not have any free time for this in next 6 days…:banghead::banghead:.

aBlackEgg …thanks friend…yup i will…and don’t worry those crispy edges come from the low antialising renders i have posted so far…finals look far more nice and smooth :).

So i already said…this (except any surprise - bonus extra time of 2-3 hours within the week starting…) has come to an end…I am rendering right now the Layers of composition…starting from background and coming out to the image…total of 4 layers (normaly 3 but …just in case)…All rendering i hope will finish tommorow night …(maybe sooner)
Image size 3600 pixels x 4000 pixels (portrait).
Rendering in an AMD64 3500+ with 2 GIGS ram …

Before posting final i want to thank everybody for the comments and suggestions. U all rock and i am gratefull for all the help u gave me. U all helped this to look much better from what i was imagining when this challenge started.

Thank u ,