Master and Servant 3D Entry: Dimitris Liatsos


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@ Tremoside… :bounce: thanks friend…your work rocks!

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looks very good and promising so far!!
I hope you’ll play more with the lighting in the end. I see alot of nice possibilities there.
maybe a very strong back/rim light… and you could experiment with different colors etc… (a basic ex, to put a little red in the bg and little more blue in the front to show some, euh… personalities(good/evil bla bla) ) it’s hard to explain with words…
models looks cool, i especially like the gluteus-maximus and the cape of the guy.


Hey, Mitso…
I see you have done quite a nice work here…
My humble opinion and comment would be about the scene as a whole. Everything is so symetrical; the models, the props. Try to modify a bit the half side of every object in the scene. And the pose Ares have. So stiff and dead. The amazon pose is great; Ares should “walk away” the default modeled pose, as well…
Again, that’s my humble point of view. Either way, this is great work.

Gregg “T.Rex” Glezakos
3D Artist
[color=White]Sub-Pixel Studios[/color]

ps: We work like hell and you have all the time of the world…:banghead::banghead::banghead:


Hiya :slight_smile:

So many really cool 3D images in the challenge and this will have to be in my top ten…great work…fantastic lighting


Very huge weapon ! I like the style of your composition ! We feel the thousand years of your country history behind this ! :thumbsup:


Hi dimi how are you! your work is great so far! hurry man ! time is running out!!:scream:


Ok…here are the 2 of the 3 layers of compo …plus the texturing so far on ARES and the posing of him.
Made chains, textured his cloth and body (forgot hands…lol…) . I have some intersections of cloth and chains…will fix that…also the volume light will be more behind him becuase now it kinda spoils his image and skin.

I have removed the marble above Amazon’s head and textured the marble statue behind her…also added asome backlight there for her shape to stand out more…On Ares i bended the head towards Amazon and opended and turned a bit the left leg and pushed a bit backwards like he is ending his movement there…

Thanks to Lemog i ahve a better 3rd layer for the background which i will post soon…

C&C are welcomed.


Is this a team challenge ?
:eek: :wink:


@ fellah …thanks my friend …i know what u mean…i hope i will incorporate your thoughts in this…(i have a bit tried already but i am not sure if it shows here…)…Your advise has always been a step forward for me… …u NUT :bounce:

@ TrexGreg …hi man …how are u …i am learning that u are working like crazy …KOURAGIO!..
About his pose …maybe u are right …i think i will fix him but very small changes(as u see above)…'cuase the main thought is that he is a God …i kinda want him like posing…that is why i modeled him close to final pose from the start…Background …yes i have made changes to break a bit the hard symmetry on this…i hope it will be better.:thumbsup:

P.s…: :eek: …man are u nuts?!..hahahah… i am working for 4 different clients except OrasisStudios…i haven’t slept more that 4 hours the past 2 months…hahahah…no my friend…this challenge is worked 2-3 hours the most every night…it’s a miracle if i have the time to finish it …not to mention that i have to finish it THIS Monday…'cuase abig project is coming from a freelance contract Tuesdauy morning :banghead: .

@ element5 …thanks my friend…i am happy u like it.:slight_smile:

@ gpepper …heey my friend …thank u …i hope we meet in June when i’ll come in Paris ( i will try to visit the NUTS Lemog too…:bounce: )

@ monsitj …thanks my friend. I hope i’ll finish it …i have to do this by this Monday…i have less time than the normal time unfortunatelly. Not to mention that i am spendiong more time to do stuff 'cuase i am reading XSI stuff at the same time…heheheh…but i am not complaining i 've learned A LOT about ZBrush and XSI in this challenge :slight_smile: .
I ’ ve seen your progress…and the feeling that i have for your work hasn’t changed … U are one of my favourite artists man… too much talent in your head :thumbsup:


Of course man…that is why we are getting more skilled after every challenge …'cuase we exchange thoughts…hahahaha…u nut Frenchy…:slight_smile:


Dimitri this will be on my wallpaper for sure. Hope the society goes for making posters out of some of the pics. I’d love this on my wall :thumbsup: The masters lower body could use some more contrast it seems a bit dim compared to his torso.

Waiting for the backround compo mix


Posters for all!! :beer: It’s already a superious stuff! Yes! We need it! I sure your work will finish in top ten, so poster will be necessary! BTW great progress on Ares! Keep it up!


Hey cool ! I will be there to see U ! Just call me when U’re there ! Send me a private message and I will give U my phone number ! It will be very cool !


Hi Dimitri.

I don’t know, and its a matter of taste of course, but I feel that the womans hair would look more natural for the era of the event and more feminine, if instead of short curly, where straight and long. You could also take advantage of their legnth and make some visually interesting flow movement, to match the cape of th master, and give the sense of wind to the foreground as well.
And just a different angle:keep the master as he is bald but with a bit darker in skin colour, a melange of black and white, and the servant girl, change her to a pure blond or light brown complexion, very white skin (don’t forget she’s been kept as a slave away from the sun, in the dark dungeons…).
this imho would exagerate the contrast between the two and give a more dramatic effect to the image.
Just my $0.2.
You can try it and judge how it seems to your eyes…


:bounce: Awesome work Dimi you keep surprising the cg world!!!:thumbsup:


always a great piece of art, but, for me, the texture of the cloth of the master is no very good, perheps is only a beginning


This is beautiful Dimitris, i like a lot the dark mood in this piece !

Textures looks great so far, good luck for the final !! :thumbsup:


hey he is a God no ordinary-born man he should NOT have a Belly button!:wise:
:thumbsup: Go liats Go nuts


Hey Dimitris ! It’s coooooll :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
I love it!

Didn’t get much time thoose days, so i lost a lot of your thread…:sad:

Ok for me it’s chains…! No doubt! I do agry the weapon is very very cool (i’m jealous of your design) but hey, sometime you have to backstep to go forward no? Or if you cannot erase it just symetrise verticaly (well rotate) it no?
But the chains are much more effective for your image!

The texture of the cloth (drapery) is cool too, but maybe a little to much hi-tech for the general feeling of the image no?

Go go go Dimitris! :bounce: It’s almost done :thumbsup:


:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:Hi dimitri!

great texture. I like your work, I like your concept. You did a huge and
amazing work. Really nice Charater, many props, and a huge and accurate set.
Congratulation. About the lighting, I’ve got many comment. The different pool of
light are not on my opinion really accurate.
let’s start about the master. There is a front left side pool of light on the
face and the torso, but there is no contimuity onto the legs. On the legs it’s
side light. Basicly, we can’t fill a shape and a depth with these lighting.
Maybe because your ambiante light on the front of the master is too important.
If you watch the steps on the stair just under the master, they are really dark,
because of the shadow. I would to see a connection with the dark side on the
floor and the master. Of course there is transluscency onto the cloth.
For the amazone I will have the same comment, It’s the same thing. The amont of light
between the shadowing part of the body and the objet into the shadow. but It’s way
better. There is less work on her left side (ribs). Are you doing texture for
the amazon hair?

I hope I was not to confuse dimitri and to hard about my comment. :wise::deal: I like you’re
work anyway.