Master and Servant 3D Entry: Diego Velasco-De Armas


The hair turned out better than I expected it to. The trick here was to make it in layers: one layer of base hair (which is a darker color and less specular), and a copy of it, which is offset has a second, more specular (anisotropic) shader is applied to it. The head is also painted with a hair texture under the hair geometry. Separate bump, color, and transparency maps for the hairs.


Now it’s onto the body for the kid. I’m going to pose him, and detail the posed version in Zbrush. The displacement did not work well enough, from now on I’m going to import the subdivided meshes into Maya and render that.


Diego, you do amazing texturing, good luck.


The kid’s in his room, so he is barefoot. Actually, he’s got his sleeping clothes on. The bed should be undone, etc. This is to imply a dreamlike/alpha state, right at the time when you think about all the crap that has happened during the day… And then can’t sleep for a long time…


New pants. I actually modeled the detail in the clothes, didn’t think that there was a need to Zbrush it. Maybe I’ll add some more details later on. The shirt is going to be the major Zbrush item on the boy.


Ok, even I admit it- no one is ever going to know the diference if there are no triangles in the foot. Enough with the foot, already. Onto the shirt.


one side is going to go inside the pants, the other side should be falling out. Simple modeling; this is the end of the symmetrical model.


hey man…
great progress u have here…
boa sorte ae brother… esperandu pra ve mais !
c ya !


The shirt is modeled and adjusted to the pants. Need to rig him first, pose him, and lastly pass him through Zbrush for final textures and mesh with folds and creases.


Made the ear closer to the eye (and the center of the head). Something was off before, I’m pretty sure this was it. Hark! Onto rigging.


Hi Diego:) Very impressive man!!! You modelling is amazing!!! A unica coisa q eu diria são as cavidades entre os dedos dos pés, talvez vc poderia suavizar um pouco ali proximo ao peito do pé, é q ta dando a sensação dos dedos estarem compridos… e talvez as pernas pudessem ser ligeiramente maiores tb, o restante ta muito show!!! Parabéns e boa sorte!!!:thumbsup:
gde abraço


Hey Wanddo, thanks a lot, man! Lots still to do…Your points are very valid. I think I’ll incorporate the suggestions, thanks! The thing about the legs is that kids are naturally a bit oddly proportioned. Their heads seem too big. If I make the legs longer, he’ll seem older. But still, I’ll make them a bit longer :). I was wondering about that. Valeu!


Man, I gotta animate this thing when the contest is over. The boy now has a full-fledged Final Rig rigging, with painted skin weights and all. Hmm. I should probably get started on the scenery :/. Well, at least the scenery is a lot quicker than the characters…


This is a tentative first pose. The next step is to build the environment, and see if it is working. If it is, then I need to sculpt the blendshape for his (satanic) facial expression, thicken his wrist, and sculpt overall details into the pose that will make it more natural (zbrush). The textures are also a first pass. On his face I need to make the lips slightly thinner, and give him thicker eyebrows. The body needs more work as well, including a pajama texture as well as the usual shading. But all this is after the background is at least roughed in, and I settle on a final composition. I also need to figure out the demon’s rigging/displacement bit before I finalize the shot. But first, some sleep… :wink:


Your work is situated near the border of the perfection:buttrock:, it is really impressive how much you produced in so little time!! and with as much quality as it was made in months!! I am really very inspired by your workmanship and desire really some day to see and to carry through dificult tasks so easely as you:shrug:! good luck! and PLEASE finish it, it will be a shame that this beutyfull work don’t made it!:thumbsup:


Hi Diego,

I hope you finish in time this work. I like the idea and modeling.

Isso é bem pessoal, mas achei as proporções um pouco exageradas, como o tamanho das mãos e da cabeça … ficou parecendo mais um anão do que uma criança … MAs como disse isso é pessoal mesmo … :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Chez and Jr Braz! Thanks for the comments! I really hope to finish this image in time. Couldn´t do much today during the day, but I´ll compensate at night. About the proportion, I agree, I´m still fiddling with it. The hand is definitely too big, and looks wrong, actually. Kids have fatter, shorter fingers. Anyway, it´s progressing :). I´ll change it when I start working with the blendshape for the head. Thanks!


Ok, the proportions were weird. Even more if you put both side by side. I´ll tend to this later on tonight, after the background (!!). Man, lots and lots to do…two more days, and then a render!


I modified the head and hands, now I think that he is better proportioned. The hand still needs to be modeled over, but that is only when I finalize the pose (freeze it). I also touched up the face shader/texture, as well as the shirt. 1 hour of sleep, then back to the grind… Need to model the background ASAP!


This is the modeling and camera for the room and the cave.RUNRUNRUN! Off to Zbrush for the stalactites and stalagmites. I am not 100% sure of the camera, but if this is not the angle, it´s pretty close. Could be lower. We´ll see as things progress, probably after the lighting.