Master and Servant 3D Entry: Diego Velasco-De Armas


Finished the modeling of the demon! Any comments very welcome. By making him symmetrical, in the end he is useable from any angle. Should make finding an interesting angle for the final image easier.


Another pose. An interesting trick to get striation in the muscles is to paint the general form of the muscle with a broad brush, then make the brush tiny, complement the form with many scribbles on the form, and smooth with shift. Also, try and avoid painting to the edge of a group when the adjacent group is invisible. This creates seams. Another thing that I did that was interesting was to regroup the groups into pairs. So every group that had a mirror group on the other side ended up as one group. This is because if you’re painting (like I did) with mirroring, if you hide one of the hads, for example, as you paint you will only paint one of the hads. The objects that are hidden don’t get modified. Sounds pretty obvious, but not at 5 am… Noticed this after painting quite a bit of the left forearm.


Last one ;). I actually made the legs twice, the second time after Zbrush crashed as I was painting the final details of the foot (the legs were 100% done). Had to redo the legs from scratch. Oh well. Time to get some sleep…


nice sculpting. good luck dude


wow! nice sculpting! man ! another example of good weapon(zbrush) that in the hand of great artist!


you’re doing very good, wish you finish in time :thumbsup:


Outstanding work dude…you’re doing great.
I wonder how you divided the mesh in groups, I’ve tried that before with Z-brush but it seems too hard do get it right. Hope you finish it in time.


Hi dvelasco, what you have so far looks great! I hope you can pull it together real quick!


Hey, thanks a lot for the comments, fellas! :slight_smile: I too hope that I get to finish this in time ;). The big effort is going to be this weeekend, starting today… I’m having a lot of fun with Zbrush. I’m working on the color right now, should be able to post something finished very soon.


I thought I’d post an update, and answer Amaral’s question at the same time. To group the object into different parts: 1) go to the lowest level in your object’s subdivision, 2) use Control+Shift to isolate what you want to make into a group, or (which is what I did) first isolate a larger chunk with control+shift, then chip away at your selection using control+shift (and then let go of the shift button, which will turn your selection box red). The polygons under the red box will disappear. When only the polygons that are to be in the group are visible, hit the Tool -> Polygroups -> Group Visible button. The polys on-screen should turn another color. Then, unhide everything with a click outside of your object (on the canvas) while pressing Control+Shift. Repeat the process for every group. I suggest you group the left and right sides of a part (Eg., left and right leg), makes painting easier. It’s a bizarre interface, but you end up getting used to it.


This is what the color map will look like for now. Now I’m going model the room, and start posing him and doing some preliminary lighting in the scene, to get a feeling for how the texture is working with the composition.


I feel that he is still a bit monochromatic. Maybe after I start lighting with the colored lights that won’t be a problem anymore.


Yet another pose to show the texturing. Even though I think that he is only going to be seen from the left, I worked both sides of the texture. Too bad Zbrush doesn’t have a mirror function (at least I don’t know where it is, if it does) where you only paint one side and then flip it to create the full texture. The mirror brush doesn’t cut it. For this texture I used mostly the spatter brush (the one with many dots), to give it an organic feeling. The airbrush makes it too soft, so I used it sparsely. I’m going to render some stills before I start working on a bump map, might be a waste of time.


Ok, last one ;). Now onto something else, for now. Need to start testing the displacement in Maya with Mental Ray, and make sure that the rigging works well with it.


Hey diego,

Your demon/monster is looking really cool, man! I can’t wait to see how the rest of the scene will come up.



Ps:I gotta learn ZBrush NOW!!! :O)


I found a very old (circa 1997) model that I did of myself, that I used as reference for my boy model.I had modeled myself at the time, so it still looks more mature than it should, but it´s still a good reference for the general feel of the structure. Also, it was all done in NURBS (!!), in the old “sock puppet” style with trimmed eyes and ears. I ended up modeling from scratch anyway, but it was interesting to take a look.


Damn. One polygon is messed up, should set me back a few hours in the process.


Go Diego, Go!

Very nice work, and this is really a challenge for you!
I know how much work you have to do at Trattoria and how short is your spare time to dedicate to this competition.

Z-brush, nurbs, polys, use everything! I wanna see this creature in full render!



Hey Schaal, thanks for the incentive! After all, you were the one who inspired me to get into the competition. Que roubada, hem? For those who haven’t seen Schaal’s entry into the 2D contest, take a look, it’s worth the visit :).

Well, this is what the kid looks like so far. The hair is going to be texture mapped transparency. The color I’ll have to paint in Zbrush or BodyPaint, probably based on a photo. Not quite done yet… Probably will texture some, then go back into the model. The final expression will be a blendshape. I’d rather use a BS than model him already in the pose because this way I have more flexibility, and it will probably look better.


This is the final texture for the kid. I could still make some minor adjustments (the hair from this angle looks bad), but all in all I’m happy with it. Might still make the eyes a bit darker, less saturated.