Master and Servant 3D Entry: Diego Velasco-De Armas


Great work, lovely models. If you want to finish off the monsters skin quickly, just go with procedural textures, & use the same cellular pattern maybe to add some bump & diffuse variation (with the recessed areas darker), & a bit of specular too. Vertex colours I find are quicker than painting custom blend maps if you want to blend between different procedural textures/shaders. You could also try some simple vignetting in photoshop too to give the scene lighting a focussed, enclosed feeling (I usually multipy/hard light some black around the edges).

edit: what about doing a global dirtmap/occlusion pass too & multiplying that on top by 30% or so to give finer contact shadows?


Thanks for the comments, guys. About the bump map on the sking of the character- I´ll probably try to do something quickly in Zbrush. Procedurals are good for the very tiniest bumps, in my opinion. Otherwise you get the “orange effect”. I didn´t understand your workflow with the vertex colors. What´s the process? I´ll definitely do a lot of post work on this in photoshp. The floor under him is part of this idea. In fact, the floor of the cave will probably be mostly covered in fog or invisible, as there should be a whimsical/ethereal quality to the transition between the room and the cave (which is a figment of his imagination, after all). I tried the darker color at the end of the tunnel, it gave it a rather muddy feel to the whole right side of the frame. The tunnel starts to look like the creature. About the light on the floor, interesting idea. I might try that after I´m done with this first lighting concept. I´ll definitely make an occlusion pass when I´m done, though actually I think that I might just paint the shadow details in photoshop, since I´m rendering in so many layers.



Hey Diego, You got a great result man… em tão pouco tempo vc conseguiu desenvolver um belo trabalho… Parabéns e boa sorte :thumbsup:

gde abraço


Better/clearer drawing on the kid´s hands, plus I think that I have it pretty close to what I want lighting-wise in the tunnel. All the shadows in the image should be raytraced/soft shadows, not quite sure if I´m going to have the time to do that. Now I´m going to paint some smoke.


I´m starting to be really happy with my image. I can see the final piece taking shape (which is about time anyway!). Details to do: 1) better texture/details in bed area, 2) texture on the monster (bump map), 3) more reflection on the ground, 4) bump up the batman poster, 5) eye of the creature, 6) detailing the pants, and 7) fixing the hand. If I manage to do all of this before the deadline, I will be content ;).



wonderful job! You´re very close to finishing your entry! :thumbsup:

I love what you´ve done with the cave and the red dust/ smoke. The warm colours and organic shapes of the cave/ monster provide a good contrast against the straight lines and organization of the boy´s bedroom. A couple of things strike me though as slightly off (and I may be wrong, and in that case, disregard my comments) -

  • the boy´s left shoulder seems a little shorter, even though we know he´s shrugging. It may be the perspective, but perhaps if you lower the shoulder a tiny bit, or rotate his left arm a tad, this problem will be fixed;

  • the diameter of the lamp by the drawing table seems a little too large.

Other than that, sensacional, espetacular! :buttrock:

Beijos e boa sorte!


Wicked! good luck with the final Diego!


Good update. This smoke really improve the scene. :thumbsup: It´s 2d paint or are a 3d particles?

About the overal composition, I just don´t understand what´s happening in the scene … The kid invoke a demon to show his drawing? Don´t take me bad … but my doubts could be same of the judges … :wink:

Só mais 6 horas … corre, corre, corre… :bounce: Quero muito ver essa imagem terminada … :thumbsup:


Amazing, there’s a full of détails in the room. Nice
Good luck.


I´ll upload the TIF, then I´ll post some comments.


wow, I impressed! very good work :applause:
only one crit…I thought that monster’s skin will have more details…


Made it! :smiley:

Time left: 0 days, 1 hours, 29 minutes, 14 seconds

Damn! Cut it very, very close. So this is the final image. I am very happy with the way it turned out, and especially with the fact that it turned out at all! This challenge was a very interesting experience, I´ll definitely participate in future challenges. With one major diference- I´ll get an early start! I liked the concept of the image, and took the challenge to heart until I finished it. Which means that I pretty much slept about 4 hours a day (if at all) ever since I got in. The image is a depiction of an imaginary confrontation of a boy and his inner demons (here represented by just a big one). The cave in the room is an impossibility (aggravated by the fact that the room is in an apartment), and the smoke (which is painted in 2D, BTW) softens the line between the real and the imaginary. Their relationship is purposefully ambiguous, as are most relationships we have with our darker emotions. I decided not to make a very obvious image to leave some space for interpretation. The picture of the man is pretty much a symbol for something that would invoke the demon of anger. It just had to be simple and direct, and convey the emotion that it was a target for the beast. Anyway, I enjoyed tripping on the idea, and then on the execution. This illustration had a curious effect in that I had a very clear idea of what I wanted right from the start, and continually kept fleshing out the details in my head (even when I wasn´t actually working on it). In the end, the original sketch shows through pretty clearly. Well, I hope you like it.




Great image and very magical in it feel :thumbsup:


i’m amazed by the concept of ur work… and its also very well done… i like the shape of that demon… very stony but organic. love those smokes and the color difference… very well done… wish u all the best :thumbsup:


Wonderful work from concept to fulfillment - can’t believe I haven’t seen this until now…

Congrats and good luck! :thumbsup:


Parabéns Diego. O salto na qualidade visual nesses ultimos updates foi incrivel. Gostei muito do resultado final. A iluminação do quarto e as cores melhoraram muito.

Parabéns pelo ótimo trabalho. :applause:

Boa sorte. :thumbsup:

Ah! Eu finalizei meu trabalho para esse contest tb, se quiser dar uma olhada, o link está na minha assinatura. :slight_smile:


Hey DIego,
Very impressive image:thumbsup:, the blending of the 2 worlds is very nicely done . Good luck with this.


so you did it!! cool man well done!!! as we say around here in dust we trust!!


Oh wow, i’m sorry I haven’t seen this one before. I think it’s a very well executed image, and a great concept to start with. The textures really sell this one for me, well as the cool cloudy effect.



Congratulations man. I saw you running against the clock and you made it! Great job for the short amount of time you had. Nice final image. Good luck :thumbsup: