Master and Servant 3D Entry: Diego Velasco-De Armas


Diego Velasco-De Armas has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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I´ll upload the TIF, then I´ll post some comments.


This came out of a quick sketch that I did the other day at work. The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea… so I decided to develop it here. The master/servant relationship in this illustration is more of a psychological nature, one of reflecting with one’s internal demons. In this case, literally… The child is showing a picture of someone who he would like devoured, quartered, or otherwise taken care of. The demon is the servant, though he is portrayed in a way that he could easily be the master, being sizeably larger than the boy. The composition needs more development (thought I’ll probably do that in 3D), and should emphasize the power of the demon, though it is subdued and controlled. The left half should be orderly, full of straight lines and hard edges, logical and concrete: the actual room where the kid is. The right side should be chaotic and dishevelled, a cave reminescent of the subconsious, the dark side of the psyche. The left side is colourful and simplistic, mostly primary colors with accents of gray. The right side somber and black, with hard lighting, and colors ranging from deep reds to purple to bluish tints and gray as well. The transition between one side and the other is nebulous, a smoky haze.The boy will be very cartoony, a caricature. The beast will be as realistic as I can get it. Hopefully I’ll have enough time to develop this into as interesting image. I’ll be using Maya, Zbrush, and photoshop. Sticking to the basics, not much time left.


This is a more refined sketch of the demon/rage character. His skin should have the appearance of beaten flesh- not beaten to the point of piercing or flaying the skin, but rather the black and blue effect of a bruise. Since time is of the essence, I decided to make him symmetrical, very simple, and paint the displament in Z-Brush.


Nice, what can I say, good sketch. Maybe it needs some more clues about whos commanding who, perhaps kid pointing his finger: “go get him, boy!”, something like dat…

Good luck!


The monster is looking really cool :slight_smile:

What´s interesting about this concept is this duality : who is the master , who is the servant ? A way to emphasize this, i think, is not to let this relationship explicit by going into visual clichés of suggesting goodness or evilness - instead, just leave it open to the viewers interpretation, by suggesting that the boy, although much smaller than the monster, could be easily the master of the situation - or being ruled by it.

I like that idea a lot - after all, are we slave of our inner demons or should we use them to our advantage?

It´s gonna look awesome in 3D! Hope you´re able to finish it on time :slight_smile:

good luck my friend !



Thanks Metello! :slight_smile: We´ll see how it develops. This is the beginning of the modeling. The idea is to lean heavily on the time-tested, age-old brazillian concept of “cara de pau”. Simple modeling, then Zbrush all the way.


Hey Diego good luck, i think is a interesting concept, take an outlook to this image (the monster).



Progress image. Need to do the hands, then I´ll be set to start painting in Zbrush. Couldn´t resist modeling in square polygons, edge loops, etc. I was hoping to model something really dirty, full of n-gons and triangles, but couldn´t do it- kept thinking that it would be good for Zbrush to have a nice, clean topology to work with.


This is the final demon. For now… Tonight I´ll import it into Zbrush, and hopefully tomorrow I´ll be posting something closer to the final character.


I´ll be posting yet another model tonight before the Zbrush step… I think he needs hands, not paws in front. Looks too much like a rabbit.


I decided the demon should have real hands (well, 3 fingers- close enough), as it would probably look more aggressive and have more personality. I’ll pose them after I texture them, as they have to be symmetrical for Zbrush to work correctly. So, unfortunately, looks like I’m going to have to rig this creature, after all.


Hands attached. Default pose, needs a rig to pose him after Zbrushing.


very nice concept and the modeling. keep going!


simple skeleton for posing


HI dvelasco :thumbsup:

Good idea, I like much, I hope that you have time to finish it.


These are the groups I divided the mesh into in Zbrush. It´s essential to the modeling process. Note that I divided the arms and legs into two groups- that´s so that I can get into the creases with the brush without too much of a hassle.


Working at home. Now I have to get the rest of the model to this level of detail… Should be enough to hold up with the textures applied to it. Zbrush is awesome!


What a great program. Bizarre interface, pretty confusing workflow (even orbiting around), but the results are very rewarding. just a couple of years ago this kind of detail in a model would have been a pain in the butt to make.


Too bad the leg is going to be in front of the torso, it seems like it’s going to be an interesting area.


coming together nicely… only need to sculpt the legs,and then its off to texturing.