Master and Servant 3D Entry: David Marsh


hey Swamps… excellent texturing work dude… it looks very realistic atm… keep working on it…
maybe add a slight bit of highlights to the skin…

keep it up!


This face is very good. I cant wait to see the final image. Your work is exelent. Keep going.:thumbsup:


Great job David ! the texture and render are great !


Swamps…you the man :thumbsup: Excellent texture work on the barman. I’d add some hdri to his eyes they’ve got a nice spec to them but seem a bit empty besides that.


The barman’s hands and arms. He’ll be wearing a short sleeved white shirt and bow tie.


Rendering of the Barmans hands. I’m pleased with how these have turned out. I’ve never done an old guy before and adding wrinkles to a model is a lot of fun - plus they hide a multitude of sins :slight_smile:

I’m particularly happy with the backs of the hands and the elbows…


Hi man! Great texture work here! Impressive!:slight_smile: All your work is very well done…:applause: congrats and keep it up friend. :thumbsup:


• Wow, and i came here to give u a hand!!, U should give one to me! :scream::smiley:


WOW! The stuff you show off here is soooo damn nice & awesome & amazing! :eek: This is the first time I passed your (this) thread, but it immediately was one of my favorites in this challenge! :twisted: :thumbsup:

Especially the level of photoreality you achieve is AWESOME! :slight_smile:

By the way: you Machineflesh challenge-final was (also :applause: ) awesome, and I must say that I was quite inspired by it, and I’ve ‘put that inspiration’ into my Master & Servant-concept… I hope you don’t mind to much… :shrug: :beer:

By the way: can you tell a bit of your experience to get (close to) photoreality…? What would be ‘the key’? Good texturemaps? A good shader? Because I’m trying to achieve ‘the same type’ of photoreality yóu achieve, tips would be very usefull. :rolleyes:

Greetz & Allot good luck with this great stuff & I hope you can answer my questions :slight_smile: ,


Looking great. I personally liked your initial concept, women wearing more stuff seems sexier in a strange way. (must be just me then?) :smiley: I can see how this has more than the simple meaning of men being allured by women, but the woman being the slave to the money too. Great concept, and impressive modelling/texturing.

Sooo many good ones, i’m glad i’m not the final judges!


Cheers guys,

Dutchman, feel free to take whatever inspiration you want from my work man, i’ll keep an eye on your stuff and will be happy to give you any pointers you want. For starters you ask about photo realistic renderings. Phew, where to start. Firstly, I’d like to point out that I have yet to render a human that I would consider photo-real, doesn’t stop me pushing for it though :slight_smile:

As for ‘the key’ to getting close I don’t think there is one. Good reference is a must - both for modeling (import the images into your scene and work over them) and for using in your textures. Attention to detail is also very very important. When faking something as instanly recognisable as a human face you can’t afford to get any feature wrong or it will immeditely be exposed as a fraud, even to the untrained eye.

Good shaders are important but probably not as important as lighting. Try experimenting with different renderers and HDRI maps can add a lot. Also, don’t be afraid to post-process your images. I often play with the levels and bung on a few layer effects in Photoshop. This isn’t cheating and can dramatically improve even a very basic render.

A mate of mine recently asked me similar question to you as he was getting frustrated with the result he ws getting using similar techniques to me. All I can say is experiment, experiment, experiment. There’s no one solution, the cool thing is that every time you turn on your computer, even if it’s just for five minutes you get a little bit better.

Good luck with your work, hope this post helps. Laters.

Lardbros, thanks man. I know what you mean about her being sexier in clothing - it’s weird but it must be to do with leaving more to the imagination. I’ve changed my composition again, althuogh havn’t posted it yet, and hopefully that’ll address this issue a bit.


ok Swamps,ur absolutly right! those hands are great too! keep it up,friend!:thumbsup:


this is ridiculously stunning,hell,i dont know what i am saying:argh::argh::wip:


Wow! I need to learn to make textures like that! they look so real! Congratulations!

Just a comment, the transversal scars in the arm, in the superior view, are a little repetitive, maybe would look better if they were just 2 or 3 :rolleyes:


Once again, thanks for the great posts.

Mosconariz - I know what you mean. I couldn’t find any decent reference of old man arms so had to bodge the texture together using hand reference. Admitedly thay are a bit repetitive and undoubtedly anatomically inacurrate but for the size they’re going to end up in the final image I think they should be acceptable. Although maybe i’ll fix some of the repetitiveness you point out. Cheers man.


it is looking great.
and more important… it will look great on the picture.

thanks for the comments about photorealism and so.


The first of three lust struck chaps who will gawping over the stripper.


The drooling fool with texture. The model is pretty much nailed but the texture is still wip and is his tongue and teeth. I think i’ll add some drool sliding off his tongue too…


He’s disgusting! :thumbsup:


Whoops, meant to upload this one - much better eyes… :slight_smile: