Master and Servant 3D Entry: David Marsh


Here are the textures for the barman.


Here’s the textured barman, with a basic expression, rendered in Vray.


WOW amazing textures!!! congratulations:)


yeah i think the textures worked quiet well for you man… great job… !!


Just great texturing,so accurate,please,teach me. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


REALLY AWESOME texture on AWESOME model :). Great work :slight_smile:


Hi Swamps,AMazing! really gr8! but i think u havnt applied the shader yet,have u?Textures are so accurate but if u have SSS on it,(as ur the master of texturing,we know!)it would be looking unbelievable!

keep it up!



Amazing texturing, I guess you handpainted that from scratch, or did you use a photographic material? Anyway, the result is really cool!


great modeling and texturing :thumbsup: i think his lips could be a bit more defined.


Yeah, texturing is really cool, studyin’ from you now :bounce:


awseom model and texture dude… keep it up :thumbsup:


beautiful job of texturing! my opinion: I would increase the value of specular channel of the skin.

good luck


wow :drool:

Great job man. Really great models and texturing.


just spamming your thread with another wow thats amazing :slight_smile:

he looks a litlle like a game model at the moment, i think its the harsh shadows and lack of sss especially around the nose. i assume this will come later in the pipeline. other than that its amazing!

edit: oh and the eyes aswell, looks a little lifeless (but that kinda works well). needs a bit of shine or somthin, Look at putting a a bit of water around the bottom of the eye (in a concave shape). this should give him a bit of life too


wow! the textures are great, are they photo based or have you painted them?
good work!


Wow! This old man is completely awesome! :thumbsup:


I like the face and the textures. Only the eyebrows are looking a little weird, imo. They somehow don’t look like “hairs”. The wrinkles and colors are awesome. Did you already try your lights on your model? I agree that in the current light settings it is lacking a little specularity.




i agree about the lips, but its awesome man:thumbsup:


Great texturing, looks very natural… The same question like Bea asked : is it painted or photo?


Wow, lots of great responses here. Thanks guys.

AcOrN - Cheers man, hopefully this peice will prove worthy of your vote too :slight_smile:

Maxko - Sorry dude, H is kinda near K :slight_smile:

Air - I don’t know what there is to teach really… I start by rendering to texture with a standard Max Skylight with a simple proceedural skin texture assigned to the model and then, using photographic reference start to build up the texture on top of it in Photoshop. No big secrets to reveal i’m afraid…

Madlight_1988 - The texture is pretty basic at the moment, it’s just using diffuse, spec and bump channels on a standard max material. SSS would be nice but, with my current composition at least, he’s not really going to be very big on the screen so I wonder if such details might get lost. We’ll see, cheers for the post.

jarvetu - It’s a bit of a combo of photographs, rendered to texture proceedural mapping and good old fashioned hand painting (probably in that order too).

Smaddl - Yeah the lips probably could be a bit more defined although it’s kind of a feature of his old age.

Gianluca - A bit more specualr is probably a good call, I will try it once he’s merged into the main scene.

Captain_Stinky - Great name, yeah i’ll probably be giving him some SSS, although he won’t be this big in the final scene so i might not bother. Same for the eyes really although I see your point on them. Cheers.

Bealobo - As above, the textures are a combo of photographs, rendered to texture proceedural mapping and good old fashioned hand painting (probably in that order too).

Fer3d - Well the eyebrows aren’t perfect but not bad considering they’re just textured on. Again, as he won’t be nearly this big in the final scene, I reckon I’ll get away with it. As for specular, he does need a bit, i’ll tweak the settings when he’s in the main scene. Thanks for the post.

Crying Horn - Hey man, check out my replys to Bealobo and Jarvetu. Glad you like it, cheers.