Master and Servant 3D Entry: David Marsh


pink is nice…pink is gooood, haha. Actually, the whole model is good and getting better.

just amazing and can’t wait to see more,



Looks really nice ! Shading and posing are better and better !

Keep it up :thumbsup:


GREAT model, I like this thread so much… :slight_smile: and great work with lightning and shading…


very good modèle! I’m in love


Hey David,
I musn’t look I musn’t look I mustn’t … oh I looked. Very nice bit of… modeling. Strangely I like the shoe work. You’ve put some time in there I think. Keep it coming I’ll be watching. :thumbsup:


Swamps, You have a great modelling skill! I particulary love the belly! About the breast, its all about taste :wink: The skining is great! Just 2 things looks strange to me: 1) the knee - For me it seems he broke it. 2) the left hand - Dont know why, but (for me again) it apears as she is not holding the pipe. meybe turn it a little more and close (just a little) the fingers.
Well, what i can say? its a great work you have here! keep it up!

Good luck!

Rafael Martinez


oh yeah! nice pose swamps. everything is superb except her left leg and especially the calf. it should be streched on sides lightly because of great flexion. also the knee could be more accented. last problem is thigh: it’s too thick near the knee (where it should be more slim). I think you could fix these in no time. hope any of this helps, because I like this thread very much.
shining is now great.


rynomyte - I had thoughts of using mirrors in the background and I tried a few experiments but found that unless the mirrors were very close to her it was hard to get a decent composition as her reflection will always be twice as far away from her as the mirror is… I’ve come up with a new composition that i’ve just mocked up and will post shortly. There’s going to be a bar and some excited male onlookers in the background. I reckon that’ll will work better. Cheers for the suggestion.

Martinez3d - Someone else noticed the knee, i’ve just about fixed it and will post a new version soon. As for the hand I agree but am loath to change it as it looks quite nice at a purely modeling level, and getting her to hold it tightly will be quite tricky, i’ll look into it. Thanks for pointing those out.

grooskka - hey man, I see your point on the calf, as it is that pose is just how character studio skinned her first time out - which isn’t too bad really. I see your point though, I need to go in and adjust that bit manually. Also will try the thigh a bit slimmer and now I look at it the top of the thigh is an odd shape too. Cheers man, you’ve definately helped.

Thanks again to everyone who’s posted, particualarly those with constructive criticism as they really do help.


I’ve blocked out a new background now that my original concept has changed a bit. Characters to build include two very over excited males in the middle ground, a bar man (probably going to be an old guy) and a fith character proping up the bar to the right (maybe a bouncer keeping a watchful eye over the proceedings). Lots basically :slight_smile:

The lighting is an HDRI map (of an outdoor scene funnily enough) with two omnis (with various fall off settings) to give red and blue highlights from either side.


It’s a honor to write here directly after your update! Am :drool: now, so it’s really hard to type. Comments? I can’t do that now… maybe later… still in :love:


Maybe stick a dollar bill through the side of her panties? Or give her a satin and lace leg garter for holding tips?? Just a thought. Looks great so far :thumbsup:


This is the start of the bar man. He’s looking a bit stern at the moment but that’ll be easily fixed once he’s fully modelled. I want him to be an old, wise looking fellow, watching the two younger guys with a ‘been there, done that’ smile.


Meshsmoothed Barman…


AWESOME topology :slight_smile:
say hello to Levi :slight_smile:


hey Swamps,great modelling! i loved the pose! cant wait to see it textures!:thumbsup:


Hey swamps, looking good, but I have some problems with the horizontal construction of the loops on the side of the face/cheek area, I made a little paintover to suggest the general flow you could try in that area.look on the photo how the cheek seems to flow up and around…
just a thought…


3d Raven - Great minds and all that…! Only yesterday I downloaded some huge dollar bill references (i’m expecting the FBI any minute) :slight_smile: and also got some good garter ref too. Should be adding them within the next day or two.

Maxho - Well spotted! The only place to get chracter rerference photos! :slight_smile:

Madlight - I hope to have a textured head up soon and body soon thereafter. Only 27days left… :eek:
PBlades - Yeah, good call. The topology in this case was (semi :slight_smile: ) intentional as I always find that I never have enough verts to model in the ear and end up with a lot of five point polys and tris where the ear meets the cheek. Thanks for takin the time to do the paintover i’ll definately look into it. Cheers man.


I’ve enjoyed modeling this old guy as he has so much more character than younger chaps. I’m particularly pleased with his big ears and saggy jowels.

I can’t wait to get him textured and it’s almost a shame that he takes up such a small area of my composition - maybe another think’s on the cards :slight_smile:


really nice stuff swamps, I remember your other challenge entery, the one in your avatar, I voted for it :slight_smile:


really like this model… Nice job. You are great modeler. I’m crossing my fingers for you! :slight_smile:
And yes… :slight_smile: my name is Maxko :slight_smile: hehe