Master and Servant 3D Entry: David Marsh


HolyJoe: I think I know what you mean. I need to balance out the diffuse color as it’s still showing lots of shadow and highlights from the original photographs, pariticularly giving her a dark neck. Should be fixed soon.

suk-grigorij: She is quite shiney but then she is an exotic dancer so I think she should be. I guess it’s a case making the highlights work correctly - a challenge in itself :slight_smile:

gra7: Cheers, glad you like her. I’ll post the shader for you to check out, although it’s nothing very special (see my first post on this page). Check back in a day or two.

Thanks to everyone else who’s posted.:thumbsup:


Got Milk? :scream:

Superb breast… err, I mean, model! :eek:

way to go mate! :bounce:


Fine texture…realy good.:thumbsup:
Keep it up…as i think you will, haha.



I’ve spent an evening tweaking all the features of her face. She is a huge improvement on the previous one, which is why I never posted a close up of it before :slight_smile: Probably still go a bit of tweaking to do to refine her beauty but generally she’s coming on well.


Thats one hell of a modelling and texture job.
Brilliant work :thumbsup:


Great texture work David. Although the makeup seems a bit dark…have you done test with some slightly lighter colors?? It’d be a shame to lose such nice modeling details (now the area looks a bit flat because no light is defineing it)

Can’t wait to see some more progress. She’s coming along real fine :thumbsup:


Ave swamps,
Pro-done modelling and very well-done texture work…I think texture progress hasn’t finished yet some small adjustments like hue and stauration values appear to be necessary…
Once a pro always a pro!!


you’ve made it work really well. hoping to see more, face is looking good. I would increase the highlights on the lips


HI :slight_smile:

Sorry for broken link to my WIPs, it seems I’ve put “http://” twice. It should work now.

I must write it again, your chick is wonderfull. I like the detailed muscles especially on the neck. Great modeling and also texturing. It’s only one thing I would change - hair. Textured hair look a bit flatten.

Great work, I’d like to see next updates :thumbsup:

My Master & Servant WIPs


Whew, this was a mission. I really hate skinning characters more than anything else in 3d. It’s always worthwhile though, I guess.

I wasn’t too sure about hanging the head backwards at first as I’ve put so much effort into the face. However it just seems to work so well with the rest of the pose and the form in general that I think i’ll be leaving it as it is.

A bold, discerning maneuver or a shameful waste of time and effort? You tell me… :slight_smile:


your char is posed very well. :thumbsup:
very good work. keep it up… :stuck_out_tongue:


very nice

I suppose if u want to show the face you could play around with more poses… you’re right it’s a shame for it not to show


Oh …sssflit! …hahahah…yeha…i say …YEAH…hahah…

Ok…bring some more tension to the arm that holds the metal column and if u want to show her face…welll …make another one dancer out of her …in a different sexy pose…(and bend this one’s head more backwards…)
I hope it’s not a stupid idea…but in any case u made a slave out of me for this lady…heheheh

That’s going great…i like your workflow on this…:thumbsup:


What a stunning piece and great pose. Leave the head like that.
Looks perfectly fitting.

;>) Jake


Impressive model… viewing it posed now is more impressive it look so fine and real.


Hey, first of all, good work, i loved this woman, very atractive. Just one think, look the position of the foot and of the knee, I think that you can rotate the knee a little for inside. Keep the good work. :thumbsup:


Cheers guys, some really good comments here.

Kryhoo - Yep the hair is rubbish I agree, however it’s kind of place holderish until I can get round to doing something decent. Now she’s throwing her head back it’s less of an issue although I still want to get something in there.

3dRaven - It is quite dark makeup but it’s all part of my cunning plan to avoid having to add too much detial - such as eyelashes. Although, once again with the new pose it’s all academic anyway. Thanks for your input.

J++Dragon - Hmm, you’re probably right about the hue/saturation. I’ve tweaked it on the recent render, what do you reckon?

Versiden - I agree it’s a shame to hide the face but the pose just fits. Maybe i’ll do like Dimitris suggests and stick another character in there somewhere. Antoher idea is to put some mirrors in around her, that way you’ll get to see a lot more of my hard graft…

Dimitris - I thought about the tension in her right hand as that is where she’s be supporting a lot of her weight but then I thought nah, I like it in that pose and getting a hand to clench tightly is always a head ache. I’ll go back and look at this if I find I have time. Cheers for pointing it out though. Also I like the idea of another dancer in the scene, maybe in the background, i’ll definately look into that.

Banzato - Good call! That knee is way out, hadn’t spotted that before you mentioned it. The system works! :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to comment, alway appreciated.


looking great!:thumbsup:nice work with model * texture…and so cool pose.:slight_smile: i like so much…
waiting for your next update…going nice`mate!


I’ve played about a bit with some different colours for the shoes and underwear - liking the pink. Plus I like the contrast of the skin against the blue background even if it is temporary until I can work out what’s going on back there…


Great job so far mate! I think the pink is working…just an idea for the background, how about some mirrors? Could be kinda cool…you might even be able to catch a different view of her face if the angle is right. I dunno, just a thought…Keep up the great work!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: