Master and Servant 3D Entry: David Marsh


your foot model likes illustration! looking nice:)


Finaly I have got round to texturing her. There’s still plenty of work to be done on the textures themselves and loads of seams are still showing but they’ll be sorted soon.


Incredible. GREAT. I like it so much.


Man, you really know how to deal with realistic human forms !

I was lurking in this thread sometimes but now i subscribe, it’s excellent, nothing to crit about modeling and shading !

The idea is really interesting, i can’t wait to see more, keep updating :thumbsup:


Well done, realistic, lovely and beliveable. Maybe i can meet with her somewhere at the city…

congrats! Also nice work withtextures!


great job on the textures… what are u using as a skin solution? any hints? ;p


ciao swamp, truly beautiful the shader of the skin, is procedural or there are of the texture map?


Yes! yes! :eek: :bounce: :eek: :bounce:
More! more! more! :applause:

Great work with textures mate! :love:


nice. tex is beautiful but isn’t there too much specular? also these highlights could use some soft noise cause they aren’t too natural as for now.
the figure is very sexy and I can’t wait till you pose her.


Cheers for all the great comments guys. To answer a few of the points/questions raised:

Versiden: The skin is nothing very special - It’s a standard max material with the usual diffuse, specular and bump maps in their relevant places. The trick is more in the lighting. I’m using Brazil’s Skylight for my ambient and a couple of omni’s to pick out the highlights. That’s it really. other than a tweak of the levels in photoshop. I’ll post my textures in a minute so you can see them and tomorrow i’ll post a series of progressive renders so you can see exactly how it works.

Gianluca: Ciao. It’s all texture mapping. I was thinking about using a proceeduaral base to avoid some of the seams but decided against it. If you look carefully at where her arms meet her body you can see the seams that I have yet to blend in…

Grooshka: She is quite shiny but that’s because I want her to look oiled up. I’ve knocked the shine back on her face as that never looks good. Some noise of the highlights is a good point, ill look into that. Cheers man.


wow :applause: this is a wonderful mesh girl … lol … I really like the quality of your model and texture look really fine for me.
:applause: + :wip:


Fantastic model. Great proportions. The texture is good and I know it is still in the works, but to me she kinda looks like she just had a full body chemical peel so she looks like she has a bit of a burn all over her body. Mostly in the neck area. But it is all still awesome work keep it up.


Im speechless. Great model, great textures. :eek: Thats HOT!


Here’s the diffuse and specular textures for the moodel. They’re still WIP so are pretty scrappy.

And the flattened breasts look very scary indeed…


A close up of the torso - probably the most finshed and effective part of her so far.


Aha…update again! I’m in love…Excellent texturing :bowdown:


Impressive ! :thumbsup:


I like the texture. But I don’t know about shaders you are planing to do. You it is very dependent on the scene as whole, so it’s hard to judge for me. I just too often see good works spoiled with “oiled skin”. Well, if you are “'pro” it’s not a problem, but if you are not… So maybe it’s better to think twice.

My thread, if you are interrested


I like it! I wish you’ll finish everything in time :slight_smile: waiting for updates. for those guys especially :slight_smile:

but I agree with Grigorij about skin specular…it looks like wet now…


amazingg man… what a f*$% hot girl… hehe…
waiting to see more
best luck… c ya !

can u show the shader ? =) thnxx !