Master and Servant 3D Entry: David Marsh


I saw the thumbnail of the back of the legs in the gallery and immediately knew your concept without clicking - great idea. I thought the breasts looked a little too much but in the colour render they don’t seem so excessive now. The shot of the back of the legs is quite a sexy one, gonna keep an eye on this.


Hi David

Just dropped by. Great process, really nice work on the heel against the shoe…

I dont like the stripper idea that much. But that´s your decision…

great work mate


Really nice model, she’s coming along great. In my opinion her breasts are a bit too large, but hey, to each his own :slight_smile:


I would make her a little bit slimer overall, like in your first sketch.
Think that would look more elegant.
Very nice female model you got!

;>) Jake


wow …nice back :stuck_out_tongue:
I like the model …really cool …
and… ehm …I had the same idea …just a bit different …
kee it up!


dude, your just teasing us now …


Modelling the straps for these shoes was a real pain and definately something that i’m glad to have gotten out of the way. I’m quite pleased with how they’ve turned out - an extra bevel on the edges gives them better shape and makes them look more strap like.


yeah! the shoes are really great …


Wow this woman gonna be godess :slight_smile: nice modleing… Ill have to model women too :slight_smile: hope ill do it as good as you :smiley:

Great modeling!


hoho! great work…damn can’t wait utill the final render


OMG.great work. keep it great!


hmm,well.thats great!

everything is ok to me! shoes are dead on! damn! very nice,good luck,mate.
edit:wowwww! i saw the other pages and figures,now! they are incredile! verryy realistic! u a real 3dmodeller! very nice modellling skill uv got! how did u get into this high level of quality in modelling???:bounce:


Excellent work man…i like that slowly while u are dressing her body …she sis starting more and more sexy…i also like the extra care u give on her shoes…

Can’t wait to see her sitting on the bar with leg over the other and see those long legs …:love:


It’s great to read what you guys would like to see in your dream woman! Sadly I can’t cater for everyones tastes but nevertheless it’s good to get a feel of what the average ideal is. Plenty of people have suggested smaller breasts but hey, what can I say, i’m a breast man! Come to think of it, maybe i’ll make them bigger… :slight_smile:

Versiden - Nice idea about the long dress, at the moment i’m really not sure what she’ll be wearing. I’ve got so much else to model and so little spare time that she might just end up naked! Which would probably be no bad thing!

Kragh - yeah, i’m not too sur eaboutt he stripper thing either. On one hand it means less work (and things are getting tight already) but on the other I think the image will be losing a lot of it’s subtleness. Tough one, I guess time will tell on this one…

Thanks to everyone else for their comments and support, I hope to have a textured model to post soon…


really great modeling! legs look really good, her feet looks good, though she could use some nails :stuck_out_tongue: . Got not much too crit, would love too see her textured and with hear…:scream:


Excellent modeling you have here my friend,
about her breasts… hmm… the bigger the better mate! :scream: :bounce:
only one thing though, her face looks to me more like a guy,
dunno, but there is something strange there.
then again… may be it’s just Me. :shrug:

anyway, time it’s runnig out! go! go! go! :thumbsup:


Swamps… good modeling man. I wish this idea were more exaggerated, thus making it more obvious what you had in mind… anyways very nice


I’m actually having major thoughts about a big shift in concept. I’m well aware of how time is short out and like the idea of keeping the girl with as little clothing on a possible so I’m leaning towards the idea of using the girl as a pole dancer…

I envisage a scene where she is draped seductively round a pole in a nightclub with all the guys waving money at her. They are slaves to her beauty, she’s a servant to the big bucks she’s earning.

I can light it in a way that means less modeling of other characters giving me the time I need to make the female as good as poss. I was initially planning a stylised approach to the characters but the modeling of the female went better than I planned so now I think i’ll concentrate on her and go all out for photorealism.

Hopefully i’m making the right decision…

Thanks for all your C&C, textured boobies are imminent… :slight_smile:


hey dude, to cut down on modelling, why not put her in spot light, with the siloet of man in dirty trench coats around the stage… then maybe just have their hands grasping money lluminated… just a thought


You make the modeling look effortless though i’m sure it’s been much more than that. I’m new to your thread but like what I’m seeing. :thumbsup: