Master and Servant 3D Entry: David Marsh


you’ve got a good understanding of the human anatomy, outstanding modelling


I’m really impressed. This babe is cosmic … and I’ve become convinced that I start with my chick over again. Great mesh!

My Master & Servant 3D


Dude, these are HUGE! Yeah, huge is the right expression… I mean, this IS huge, of course:twisted: Keep us updated!:thumbsup:

peace, pete


shes a hottie, whats her number? :slight_smile:

the facial expression is very nice i like the ears a lot as i have trouble with them a lot.


Looks great so far, except the breasts are way too big in my opinion, it’d look better with more realistic proportions. Also the line coming down between the clavical/ upper pecs look a bit sharp…


Cheers guys, good to know i’m heading in the right direction.

PBlades - I know what you mean about the breasts being massive but that’s the whole idea behind the final image - her jubblys are the masters and the drooling fools around her are the servants. As long as the modeling is sound, it all comes down to personal preference. I guess it’s pretty obvious what mine is… :slight_smile:

P.S. I totally agree with the pectoral definition thing. Will fix.

Kryhoo - Glad you like her. Tried to follow your signature link to your thread but it appears to be broken…

Versiden - Years of field work my son, years of field work! :wink:

More updates soon…


Hey man… That’s really great model. Huge silicon breasts. You have fantasy… hehehe. Waiting for … textured breasts…hehe


hey swamps :wink: , gl with challenge … ok are u modeling pamela ?


Hey David, the modeling is coming along really well! While skimming through all the 3d entries i saw your post and the sole reason i clicked on your thread was to tell you to tone down the breasts, but after looking at your concept I think they are a good size. Perhaps model them closer together and pushed up kind of like this:

I don’t know if that was the sort of outfit you had planned, but I think it would lend itself well to your model. Looking great so far, can’t wait to see this compelted!



Morgan - I might not get round to texturing them as they’re going to be concealed under a top of some description and i’m on a pretty tight schedule to get everything I need done. Sorry about that, I know it’s upsetting for you :slight_smile:

Marcovic3d - Pammy had crossed my mind as I was modelling this. Then again she does that quite often anyway :wink:

Shaykai - Cheers for the link, Monica is hot stuff! Plus I love the outfit. I think for this though i’m going for something a bit more conservative - at the moment i’m inclined towards sexy office girl. Nevertheless I know exactly what you’re saying about the breasts - pushed up more and together is something I will be doing for sure.

Cheers for your posts guys, always appreciated.


Except for the strange crease in the middle, that chest is superb !
The whole character is perfect ! :thumbsup:

Good luck for the next !


• Love those tits! can i send u my photo, so you can model me and put me next to her? :stuck_out_tongue:
good job:thumbsup::scream:


hi Swamps…superb modeling here!:)…very organic!:thumbsup:


cant stop checking out her boobs… awsome modelling so far and im looking forward to seeing the texturing



Very nice model, add her hair and textures.
And I think you have to work with the breatbone more, because it’s not realistic, too plastic.
Good luck!:thumbsup:


Deadly Force - You’re right about the crease, someone else pointed that out yesterday so I fixed it last night. Didn’t seem worth posting it just for such a minor change but hopefully i’ll et more done tonight and make a good, crease free update tomorrow. Thanks for your input.

Climax - Send me a photo dude and i’ll stick your head on her body if you like! :slight_smile:

Yunsirees - Cheers dude, glad she’s to you liking… I feel like some kind of digital pimp! :thumbsup:

Eddieellis - I don’t really have time to texture her boobs sadly as she’s going to be dressed (albeit in something skimpy). Maybe i’ll just do it for fun anyway though… :wink:

SaintT - Yeah, a couple of guys have mentioned the breastbone. It’s sorted out now and i’ll post and updated model tomorrow. Cheers for pointing it out. Hair is coming…


I’ve started to model the clothes onto her. I’m happy with the shoes but the skirt needs work.

A colleague of mine just suggested I lose the skirt and pose her as a stripper/lap dancer in a night club and have all the guys falling around her despertate to stick money in her g-string. I like this idea quite a lot and it would save me modeling clothes on her - which is good for several reasons :slight_smile:

What does everyone else think of this idea?


your modeling is great
big breasts -to much of it in cg
but it fits your concept


A shot of the legs from the back…


great work on the legs… I like how the heel of the feet are slighty buldging from the weight as the foot presses against the heel…

nice work…

how about a long dress with a huge slit to reveal the legs?