Master and Servant 3D Entry: David Marsh


I can´t believe my eyes, our minds are the same. I usually start with head, and than I made a body. Your character looks good. Good luck


Hi Nebezial,

3DMax is my software of choice.

Glad you’re liking it. I see that our ideas are taking us down some similar modeling paths.



Hi David

Yeah, I am in on this too…not in 3D though, trying out my drawing skills this time.

Tough one, being bored and exited at the same time…really cant give you any advice on that, it sounds to me as being very complicated…but interesting. To give you an idea, still using the book(I know the book isnt a good idea, its just to give you an example of these two emotions working together): She´s reading the book, having a little smile on her mouth…maybe not starring at the pages very focused…I dont know, just to get you started…

With your character addiction, you really should give zbrush a try…(im paid by pixologic to say that:))…I was stunned by the angler movie on their webpage.

Have fun

EDIT: Btw, you female character is very attractive from behind…just wanted to say, that this view on her, changes my overall view…nice…:slight_smile:


Muffin1 - We have gone down similar paths here haven’t we. I always used to start with the head myself but I tend to dwell on them when really i should be moving on to other stuff. As this deadline is a bit shorter than previous challenges i’m trying to make sure i get everything done that I can - hence body first, head last.

Kragh - I do like the book idea. I think you are right suggesting that the expression and emotion of the woman will make or break this image. It needs to be just right. I like the ‘looking at a book but not reading it’ idea as it will allow me to express the type of emotion I have in mind. Plus, it might make her look more intellectual and subsequently give her a more subtle level of attractiveness than the in your face pixel porn we’re used to.

Hmmm, you’ve definately given me food for thought…

As for ZBrush, you’re right I probably should use it more. I’ve got a copy and have had a go but found the interface so frustrating I gave up. I’ve seen what some people have done for this challenge and it’s truely amazing that they’re knocking out top quality stuff in no time atall. It’s worth mastering I guess if just to keep up with the competition.

I’ll check out that angler movie, cheers,


your servant is a dream of every man in the world…


Hey, the body is looking like its coming along just nicely. Haha, I know what you mean about Zbrush. I just recently began using it myself. After a while you get more and more used to the interface and eventually you start to like it alot. I recommend that you look some at the Practical Manual.pdf and look in the index to find what you want to be able to do. Since, it is that which is important right now. You can always go back and learn the application step by step once your not in a competition. As for me, I wanted to know how to sculp and how to paint my mesh which I imported from max. And once I understood the workflow basics, it started to show off results which kept getting better as I progressed with the application and reading only tiny bits from the practican guide and generall exploring on my own.

Good luck with it, happy modelling!


A close up of the feet - untextured at this stage. A veritable treat for any foot fetishists out there! :slight_smile:


havent seen this ( so many entrys) great work and i be cheking in later
see you and :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


:twisted: wicked. I personally would prefer a little less fat on the waist, but of course - de gustibus non est disputantum :smiley: . Great modelling, good luck and have fun :thumbsup:


To Swamps

Hey I like your way of finking. Sometimes weamen make everything the wnat with us just because…(put here all the stuff about breasts). The have that strange kind of power over most men just from the moment they are born. Damn! Guys, we supposed to do something about that. (NO offence? Ladys. We’re helpless anyway).
So use your image to make us all (men) to fill a shame for our slave-like behavior.

P.S. Don’t take all these seriously.


Great modeling on this body ! :thumbsup: I also like the concept ! Keep it up ! Good luck ! :buttrock:


Very nice work on the model and I wish you the best of luck and farther more thanks for your input toward the hand and chain…I’ve started working on that problem as I write to towards your modeling… by way I really like your feet on your model…


Like the feet a lot, specially the toes has a very organic, realistic shape. On the left(our left) foot I have a feeling, that it might be a littel flat in profile(both feet might, I´m sure its a mirror, just only noticing on the left) giving the foot an ultra slim appearence. It might just be due to the angle and possing of the foot…

Glad you can use my input, makes it a lot more fun to follow you progress:)…and yeah, heading for intellectual appearence could give the picture an extra dimension…so it´s 4D:D

Having a lot of trouble myself, really uninspired at the moment. That´s how it is, sometimes it just makes itself, other times you have to put a lot of decipline into the workflow…

Have fun


great work so far from what i can make out. fast n clean modeling. keep it up, max em all :slight_smile:


:applause: amazing… bravo !


So, after a weekend of extreme sleep deprivation I’ve added the head and hands and the character is 90% done. I’ve also given more detial to the neck, breasts and torso There’s still tweaking to be done, although my focus will now be on clothing her and giving her some hair… on her head that is :slight_smile:


very natural and sexy :wink:


great job ! I like the body ^^

good luck :wink:


Here’s a close-up of the female character. There’s still some tweaking to be done to the shape of the head and the ears a bit rubbish but will probably be covered with hair.

Thanks to everyone who’s commented on my work so far.


model’s head is so beautiful!:slight_smile: good work! completely nice modelling!:thumbsup:
good luck!go on!