Master and Servant 3D Entry: David Marsh


Well I’m glad to see that i’ve appealed to your, er, artistic insticts :slight_smile:

To answer a couple of the issues rasied: Her hair is just temporary - I thought it better than leaving her bald. I’m planning a huge flowing barnet that fills the whole top of the image.

As for the skinning, there are a few anomolies by i’ll collapse the stack and tweak it manually now i’m happy with the pose.

Thanks to everyone who has commented, i’m off to get his thing finished :thumbsup:


oh my god, very very well pose and camera, e che gnocca ragazzi! :slight_smile:


Well i’ve got some hair in. It’s a bit ragged at the moment as i’m rendering at a very low sample rate (the final renders gonna take ages…).

I’ve also added in the other characters. You’ll notice the Barman has been promoted and is now a gawping punter like the rest. This is because I couldn’t see a comfortable position for him in the composition as a barman. I think i’ll have him mopping his brow.

I’ve also improved her face with the addition of a bespoke specular map to highlight her lips plus i’ve smoothed out dome of teh creases in her body.

Theres still lots to do, I want at least one hand for each of the chracters and some sort of background that suggests a lot more guys in there (probably sillouttes).

Next up a garter belt stuffed with bills…


wow great posing, swamps!:thumbsup:


Hi Swamps!
First time in your thread and you know what? I think that your re-thinking improved your picture 200%:thumbsup:
I love the pose of your girl. I myself spend all my free time drawing hyperdynamic nude woman (well, I"m just a guy you know :slight_smile: ) I think that kind of pose make the image very attractive and not static at all … if you know what I mean!
Anyway, great job my friend :buttrock:

Dizzy Boy


This image makes the viewer feel like the master.


Like all red blooded males I like the subject matter but I think the aspect ratio of your image makes it looked cramped. I think it might look better landscape with the “dancer” about a third of the width across and the onlookers spread out from the centre leading the eye across to the barman in the background. Compositionally it would be better, adding depth and leading the eyes across the entire image. At the moment I just can’t stop looking at that a$$ :slight_smile:


Well i’ve finaly added that garter i’ve been talking about for ages.

I’ve been endlessley playing around with the positions of the guys and have ended up pretty much back where I started with the addition of a couple of characters in the background and some hands waving money - not sure if their positions are final yet.

Also, i’ve once again tweaked teh female mesh - she now has a knee.

Overall i’m definately getting there. I’ll probably play around with stuff, add a few more details whilst i’ve got time and tweak the hair a bit but otherwise I think i’m probably 90% done.


With hairs she even better :thumbsup:


Ginaluca - Cheers man, I’m guessing you like it although I have no idea what ‘e che gnocca ragazzi’ means. :slight_smile:

Dizzy Boy - Cheers, glad to know that you like the image, epecially if you spend a lot of time doing this sort of thing.

Aloriael - I hadn’t actually thought of that but with her looking at you and ignoring all these wollys behind her I guess you’re right. Nice one.

jsdesigns - You may well be right but i’m going to stick with this composition nevertheless. Do you not think that if I went landscape there’d be so much space to fill that the image would seem empty - i’ve struggled to get this much done as it is. I appreciate you mentioning it though :thumbsup:

(o)ne - I always knew she’d need hair and finally decided to bite the bullet and make some. I’ve never got on with shag:hair so thought i’d just try and do my best with standard polys. Probably needs a tweak or two but overall i’m pleased. Cheers man.


you right about it, and this hairs looks very stylish and gives the correct mood I think :bounce:


Swamps, This new pose is much better than the other! Man! The last image you posted rocks! Love the hairs (even in early stage) and the dolars idea :thumbsup:

Great work mate! keep it up! :thumbsup:

Good Luck,

Rafael Martinez


Hey Swamps! It’s much better now! it will be a great image! Good luck to you and keep on going:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


I’ve added in the champagne glasses at I think it really helps the image a lot. There’s nothing much left to do now other than fix a few anomolies (like the money for example).


David, you’ve got the feeling. YOur models and textures are great! An dhave to say, new composition with the girl is much better! Champagne is also a great adddition! Congratulations mate! :beer: and :champagne:


Very cool mate, the chick is hot!!! The composition doesnt look right with the guys though, she looks great in her pose but they some how dont fit?+ they would be looking up at her!! I KNOW I WOULD!!


hey david… amazing man… i just dont like the background !

best luck ! c ya !


HAHAHA! this is great, how did I miss this! The expressions on some of the guys faces are very funny. The overal piece is funny! I hope thats not offensive as maybe you were looking for erotic. But great render none the less. Great final!



Here you see the different layers that will be composited together into the final image.


Here it is, the finished thing. Like many people i’m sick to death of staring at this thing now and, although there’s loads more I would have love to have done differently/better this is where it ends. For that at least I am very happy :slight_smile:

I’ve enjoyed this competition immensely but now it’s time to go and drink beer and talk to real women - if I can rememeber how…

Good luck to everyone,