Master and Servant 3D Entry: David Marsh


Lardbros, depth of field is defintely something that I have been thinking about but i’m already rendering very slowly - 5 hours just for that one above, dof just kills it. This gives me good mind to render to layers and then fake it afterwards in photoshop. That’d give me more control over it too…

As for Stringfellow, I think i’ll leave him out of this one - you’re right he’d be a mission to model :slight_smile:

Cheers man.


great composition swamps! I’m glad your work is becoming a masterpiece. these legs look really nice and sexy. it’s only 13 days left. keep it up!


thats a really insightful and highly amusing image, you have captured it so well - such insights only come from experience :D. did you do much research for the piece if you know what i mean (wink wink). i like the old dude in the background whos like “yeah whatever” you know he gets his freebies once a week.

the look on the guy in blue is gonna have me chuckling for days.


Well i’m finally becoming happy with the lighting - i’ve dedicated most of his week to getting it right. From now on in i’ll be adding all the details that i’ve yet to get round to.


Looks REALLY great!! Like the lighting! (and of course those LEGS)
Keep it up!:thumbsup:


you will get my community award vote you can be sure of that. what a classy and original idea.


You know when you’re half way through something and you suddenly have a much better idea…?

Well I just wasn’t at all happy with the way things were going with the image so I’ve had (another) major re-think. It started with me making the female prettier and looks like it’ll end with an almost entiely new image.

I loved the lighting of one of my test renders with the girl on a blue background and, after reading the bit in the rules about iconic imagery, decided that I just wasn’t hitting the spot with what I was trying to do before.

The render here shows pretty much what i’ve got in mind. She still needs a few tweaks but gernerally i’m happy with the pose. The three guys will be in a similar place between her legs and hopefully I can squeeze the barman in somewhere…


I love the pose:love:… she looks very sexy :drool:


Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, i fall in love today with your pic, congratulations




Um…YOWZA! Great pose mate! Boioioing!:eek: Keep it, uh…up. Cheers:beer:


That’s what i would call “Legs of Fire”…:slight_smile:



Like the pose also (and the legs) what i really like is the face texture! Great Job!


hey, nice ass baby.
i like the tongue in cheek and humour of your entry, i hope you win a prize.


god! it’s a bit rude now. but I can understand it’s intended. she’s more natural now than ever though. and she looks 100% real. good rude job! :wink:


great,but her hair sucks…:thumbsup: :buttrock:


I love the pose

Great !!:bounce: :bounce:


It realy improves things but it all comes down to the composition of the image…
be carefull not to waste this beuty!


Its perfect , But ur skining has some problemes .
anyway goodluck …


oh man wooooooooooooooow,i need a medical check up;):argh: