Master and Servant 3D Entry: David Marsh


I’m speachless… :eek: … amazing


Thanks for all the reposnses, it’s good to know i’m going in the right direction.

hhssuu - hmm, think you’re right. I can neer be bothered to make 3d eyes, I tend to go for spheres with an HDRI relfection for depth. Maybe needs ot be turned up a bit or something - sheers.

Axisman - It does look a bit wierd I agree. I’m going for a forced cheesy grin type look so that’s why it’s a bit more closed at the corners.

Dimitirs - Good to hear that you’re starting to recognise my style. I’m getting pretty quick at banging out heads - its bodies that I can never be bothered with :slight_smile:

Neeno - Yeah, I spotted that light forehead thing after I posted. I’ll definately be fixing it. Cheers for pointing it out.

CaptainStinky - I think the smudgey circle thing is a combo of ligthing and specular highlights left over from my texture reference photos. The lighting will change, the texture i need to fix. Good call.

Cheers to everyone else who’s posted, now back to work - not long left now…


David nice texturing you did there, and great work on the modeling.


I’ve got all the characters into the scene and have started exeperimenting with lights. Theres still a lot of stuff to do, once i’m happy with the composition and lighting i’ll be going through and polishing every element of the scene.


oh yeah, that’s great! :slight_smile: I can hear the music and feel cigaretes smoke:thumbsup:


Great composition, those 3 guys really look hypnotized by the girl…and me also :smiley:


Good image but her butt looks detached in middled… i think that those 2 halfs need to come little closer to each oterh


Ahhhh…:drool: :love: my hands…i cant type…

Honestly…I like your stuffs. Clean idea, expressive and nice characters. Wel done modelin and amazing textures. All the parts you have now to mix them and tune up with a beautiful render.
Congratulations! This is all what i can say now!


Man that just totally rocks :drool: Where’s the garter??


Just for the wip:hmm:
Your stuff is great, but I don’t see any creatures… (like the initial theme), sorry, I’m trying to help
nice work
carry on!:beer:


Matheus_Bristol - Having read your post I went back and re-read the instructions. It does mention creatures but my intpretation was and still is that you can include the relationship between human and creature or vice versa, not that you must… I see how the wording could lead to confusion but I’m pretty sure i’m correct and that my image fits the brief quite well (anyone want to jump in here?). Cheers for bringing it up though :slight_smile:

3D Raven - The garters on the way dude, I’ve got a list as long as my… arm :slight_smile: of things to do, that being one of them. For anyone who interested this list includes things such as:

Garter with dollar bills in it
One of the fools waving a dollar at her
One of the fools holding a cigar/cigarette
The barman will be pouring out three cocktails from a shaker
Repositioned and reskinned girls to the left and right
Textured whip
Textured Shirt for fool2
Background… (?)
Smoke/Volumetric lights
Bar and podium textures

This list is as much for me as anyone else, the first thing i’ll be sorting out is the lighting and general composition as i’m not currently 100% happy, I feel I need to get the focus of the image right before I go through and polish everything to a finished standard.

Marcovicd - You’re probably right about that, i’ll look into it… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the other posts, and good luck to everyone.


I agree that it’s not necessary to show exact human-creature in here.


Looks so real. Wow, great use of the shaders and textures


hey,Swamps,havnt seen these skills all in one! this is greatt!:wink:


I’ve tried some different lighting. I quite like this although it’s maybe a bit light for a strip club…


Hey man…highlits a re better but indeed u have too much light …especially on the back wall…try only a spot for the lady back there…the only problem is that u have too much light for a strip bar…(don’t forget that u need some volumetric smoke effects…i think).

Keep moving man…this is one of my favourites already :wise: .



Thanks Dimitris, I planning a background with some sillouetted bodies and volumetric lights and stuff so that should look better. Also, I will definately be adding some volumetric smoke, although render times are already starting to look a bit scarey… :slight_smile:

Cheers man.


Hahahahah…i know what u mean…hahahah …cheers man and good continuation on this…:slight_smile:


Hey Swamps, fabulous stuff… love the composition, it kinda reminds me of The Prodigy’s ‘Smack my bitch up’ video… not quite sure why, think it may be the ending?

Anyway, just been wondering if you are going to use any DOF effects? Was thinking that maybe if her legs were slightly out of focus it might make it clearer that it’s a reflection? Oh, i dunno… just throwing ideas around my own head. Looking brilliant so far, and agree that the lighting is too bright (obviously an assumption, i’ve never been in one) for a strip bar. How about a 3d Peter Stringfellow for the BG :smiley: Actually, to get some truly realistic long silver hair and slimy looking old face could take some doing! :smiley:


wow,how amazing ! ,all the best:drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool: