Master and Servant 3D Entry: David Marsh


cool textuing …keep it up … jst great



Not long since i last posted, but you sure as hell work quickly. This drooling guy is foul, but absolutely spot on. As you said, the tongue and teeth are WIP, so i won’t bother commenting as it still looks bloody great.

He looks like he’s had a few drinks :beer: and like a right pervert :drool: :drool: . Another great job of texturing and modelling.


Great job, it’s amazing how fast you make those characters and so well, I especially liked the texture of the arms, great job so keep it up!


Thats some droolin fool you got going there! He certainly looks…um…excited:bounce: But seriously, great job! his textures are lookin nice…can’t wait to see all it start to come together. Keep it up!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Swamps,this looks amazingg,so fresh,clean,Like it alotta…
I’m expiriencing slight amnesia,dunno have I seen your thread or not ,but it’s great stuff’z
anyway…keep it real,keep it clean :thumbsup:


The second of ‘The Three Fools’, as they will henceforth be known. I’d like pivot this guys head up so he really looks like he’s mesmorised.


I’ve been able to knock these guys out quite fast - one a night, should have the third by tomorrow - as they all share the same topology. I’m trying to make them as unique as possible through skin tone and expressions as well as just vertex tweaks.


haha very cool, nice expression. He looks bedazled or stoopified with a little sleeze in there haha

nice 1!

only crit is that aroudn the eyes it seems like u’ve got the smudge tool and made big circles around his eyes, doesnt look too bad but a little distracting for me. could be the lighting though…


very very very nice:scream::bounce:


everything going nice. maybe his mouth is a bit too big. hey! you’ve really achived fool’s expression! keep going :thumbsup:


:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

great updates


looking good dave… i like his expression… i think his forehead is a little to light spec wise or maybe texture wise im not sure… but i say darken it a little tincy more… great work! :thumbsup:


The third of the three fools. This one fancies himself as a bit of a ladies man…


Here he is textured…


WOW, really great work man. really like your models and textures. Great skill :slight_smile:


Man…u post textured faces as if they were …peanuts…heheheh…i mean of course that u are so fast in this…and GOOD of course…awesome just awesome…not to mention that i am really starting to recognize your style…what can i say…more! more!


Nice work and excellent textures! Your working a light speed.

I can’t wait to see the final!


This texture in the model its great, the realism in bump map, details and libs is kicking ass.

Keep the excellent work.

Maurício Steinert


Really nice job. I like it! :wink: One note: the mouth corners in “third of the three fools” look incorrectly.


The texturing looks very nice, the shirt looks so real too, the guy’s eyes looks a little plastic though. but it might just be the lighting.