Master and Servant 3D Entry: David Marsh


good pic, the woman is amazing :love::love::love:, good work and good luck for the end


hot! hot! hot!

great work dude!!! thats all i can say :thumbsup:


Really great final image:applause: Congratulations:thumbsup: and good luck man!


Great Final!

Where is that Club in UK (i want to be there  :buttrock::twisted:  ) ?! 

 Stunning Characters dude!
 See ya in the Voting ;)


Cheers guys, glad you like her. I really have enjoyed this one although i’m currently going through the “I wish i’d done it like that” stage, which is as frustrating as hell. Nevermind, it’s too late now.

I was going to post a story that goes with is image but i’m pretty confident it speaks for itself. I will go as far as to give it a title though…

“Kev’s Stag-Do 2005. What a Night!”

I pretty sure that covers it :slight_smile:

Vampeta - Let’s go dude - i’m sure we can justify it as an art reference trip! :thumbsup:


:applause: :applause:

Congratulations Swamps! Outstanding work you done mate! i´m in love with her! :love:

Good luck friend! :thumbsup:

Rafael Martinez


Nice ! Great job David ! :thumbsup:


Incredible result David… some changes until the begining… for this result… respect… well done :thumbsup: best wishes for judging steps :scream:


What can I say man? Been there, done that! I like the way this finaly ended up. One of the best female models and poses in the competition (shes hot!)…It was fun watching (and I mean that!) this one develop…best of luck and see you around! Cheers mate!


i remember seeiing your work at the beginning, and it has really changed. the second i saw the thumbnail i knew it was yours though. it came out great. just remember, different isnt always better, and done is done. be pround, and good luck!


COngrats with your final entry… what can I say… very expressive point of view :slight_smile: !!



The funnyest picture in whole competition. :wink: Really nice piece of work, with great interpretation of the topic. :wink:


Hahahahaha, sheer and unadulterated genius. Can’t get much more british than Kev on his stag do. :smiley: Is his wife-to-be called Sharon? or Donna? (dont mean to offend)

I’ve followed this one almost from the start and loved every new post, great work, great concept, and most of all, great final image.

Hope you win something! Good luck


just…congrats man.:argh:


great job!



Hehe! Interesting. :wink: Really like the girl’s pose. :smiley:

Good luck with voting! :slight_smile:


wow! it’s like watching my drawing in 3d! what are the odds, huh?
great job. i really like what you did here, and like you said, great minds…
good luck!


Good final work… the girl is the best… really hot!!:love:



Man, it turned out grait david…sorry for not being here, some things happened in my life, so I did not have the time…

Good luck in the voting…see ya next time


what skin you made! great job! good luck too you!:thumbsup: