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David Marsh has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Final Image… Woohoo!

Here it is, the finished thing. Like many people i’m sick to death of staring at this thing now and, although there’s loads more I would have love to have done differently/better this is where it ends. For that at least I am very happy :slight_smile:

I’ve enjoyed this competition immensely but now it’s time to go and drink beer and talk to real women - if I can rememeber how…

Good luck to everyone,


Welcome & best of luck mate! :slight_smile:


hey swamps…
goodluck to u… I think characters are your strong point, hope to see some amazing stuff here


Hi guys,

Yeah, I am very excited about this theme, as you say characters are definately where my passion for 3d is focused. It’s great to be sitting here at work and playing with ideas in my mind although I have no firm concept of where i’m going to head with this yet.

Good luck to you both, looking forward to seeing some good stuff.

Catch you soon,


Well after my first sleepless night of dreaming up ideas for this challenge I think i’ve decided what direction to take.

At first I was going along the lines of drunken guys in a bar - servants to alcohol and all that - but I just couldn’t visualise an exciting enough composition. As I like the idea of modelling a really attractive female I focused my thoughts around that :slight_smile: and came up with the following idea that for now I will entitle: 2 Masters, 3billion (willing) servants.

The idea is to create a very attractive woman with fantastically huge breasts and pose her in a bar or some similar scenario and have three or four awe struck males trying their absolute hardest to woo her. These lust struck romeos will be buying her drinks, bringing her gifts and maybe even fighting over her in the background.

Although it probably seems a hugely sexist subject, I want the guys to look like fools and the woman to be very much in control, if not bored with the situation. I’m basically exploring the dumb fascination that men have with breasts and the subsequent, uniquely feminine ability to use their assets to turn otherwise level headed fellows into hypnotised, drooling servants.

The image will be somewhat stylised; the males especially will be highly characatured, although I like to use realistic textures and lighting. I imagine the final thning to not be too far removed from those old, saucy seaside postcards you used to see.

Feminists beware :slight_smile:


Greets Swamps, sounds like a hoot!
will be watching;)


Here’s a mock up of what I have in mind - I always hate this part as once I know what I’m doing I just want to get going :slight_smile:

Check out my previous post for a literal account of my concept…


great concept, I immediately got what you’re trying to do as soon as I saw the sketch. I can’t wait to see the breast model:D

…damn, did I just say that out loud


He he, yeah i’m looking forward to modeling that bit myself.

And they call us nerds! :wink:


I thought it’d probably be worth my time mcking up the scene using primitive shapes. This way I have a good idea of exactly what I need to build, see if they’ll be any unforseen problems and start thinking about the composition from and early stage - as opposed to three seconds before the cometition ends for once :slight_smile:


Funny how the primitives already generate that, -high tension situation-. :thumbsup:


really cool… haha… the beginning looks really interesting, will follow your next steps… :wip:


haha good idea, love the concept :scream:


The start of the female body. She won’t be naked in the finished image so i’ve put less effort into her mid section than I have for the feet for example which will be relatively close in the final image.


great concept and awsome modeling so far man!

I think the thigh area should either be thinner or the calf be made abit bigger now they seem like they dont belong to eachother. Very nice detailing on the foots!


Hi again David

First of all, hope you had luck/skills to pull yourself out of the december+ situation.

Great concept. Like it a lot. It´s so true, we really are little servants in these situations…and in a lot others btw…:slight_smile:

The model looks fine so far. I have to say, that I dont find her body attractive. Dont know what it is. Probably just personal taste. No big issue here. But you sure made some big advantages…:bounce:

I would work a little more on her attitude. I dont think she looks bored in your scene concept. I want her to do something active, to look like she couldn´t care less about those men. Reading a book maybe, even though it would be a strange thing to do in this inviroment. Just doing something, totally without taking notice to the guys standing around her. Hope it makes sense.

And finally, I want to wish you good luck with this. You sure are in you field with this challenge…



Hi Kragh, good to hear from you.

Glad you like the concept, hopefully I can give the final image a nice comic appeal.

I see your point about her attitude in the picture. My original idea was to have her bored and disinterested. However, although attractive women must hate it when guys continually letch over them, i’m sure that on some level they are enjoying the attention.

So what I need is apparently bored but secretly loving it… tough one.

Cheers for dropping by, you in on this one?

H3rbie - Cheers for your comments, I want to go for something a little more characatured so expect to see those curves getting even bigger by the time i’ve finished, but yeah, you’re right they need to match whatever happens.

Thanks for all c&cs always appreciated.


WOW!! :eek:
I’d like the same at home!! :rolleyes:
Very good body modeling! :thumbsup:


Back view…


What can i say, love the sketch, love the model:thumbsup: , what program r u using?