Master and Servant 3D Entry: Damir G.Martin


Hi Air,

Congratulations and see you in the next challenge.

Ralf Stumpf


CONGRATS MAN! all ur hard works paid off!! really good to see u amoth the winnerz… keep rocking that head :buttrock: :buttrock:


Congratulations friend!

I knew you would be under the top 5!

Awesome work Dude!
Just Great!!

Cheers :beer: Alex


Hi Damir,

Am glad to see your results…you know your image was one of my favorits! So seeya next time too my friend! Have a nice summer and peaceful hours after this rush. :wavey:



Trully awesome image …i really like the concept and of course the execution …CONGRATS…i am happy for u 'cuase i also know how passionate u were along the process.I wish u the best.



3dRaven,thx friend,thx for your time,aprecciate that.

Versiden,thank you too martin man,in a way I am :slight_smile: to get infront bunch of other artist who I personaly thought could easaly be above me,it is big thing to me.

Gunilla,thx GUN,It payed off even before the judging and result,cos I have learned grat deal.

WildWire,Ralph same to you,congratulation.

vampeta,hi alex,thx,Im happy with the place,cos I know now where I got wrong,and which could be improooved.Next challenge,hope to participate and show I have grow in this one.
THX again.

Tremoside,Mark,what to say,you are the one of thoose for who I thought could get above me easely,I wish you too nice summer,F1 is droping of cos of lot of job ahed of me.
Anyways I seeya arround.thx.

Overcontrast,my man,same goes for u.congrats,and I’l keep rocking for shure.:slight_smile:

DimitrisLiatsos,im honoured you think so Dimitri,Im happyer about concept than execution,but I learned things,next one would be bit better.I wish u too best my man.
Also have nice summer,seeya arround too,everyone actually.

Im not able to go and personaly express my feelings toward this challenge and you guys.
Trough this challenge I got oportunity to work for one of the stronger croatian TV house,
so Im preparing materials to sell my self best I can :slight_smile:
This is to much going on for me at the time.
Wish all of you best,and can’t wait to compete with you.Seeya CG brothers. :thumbsup:


hey AIR … just wanted to say congrats on the work … well deserved and it was fun watching this thing progress

have fun at that new job :thumbsup:


Congratulations Damir!!! had no doubt you’ll get a price, actually hoped your work would be placed higher. your entry progress was great. first time i saw the father and son it realy touched my heart. your finle image is very strong and moving :applause: :applause::applause:


I knew you was going to be there!

highest quality work!


Cestitam na pobjedi! Bravo:) .

Congratulations to you on winning the prize. I am glad that you win; enjoy in your award. See ya.


The results have been POSTED?!!!

Why am I the only one who didn’t get a notification?!!!


Congratulations Damir. It was a hard-boiled challange and there were loads of heavy weights with a stream of difficult to judge entries. This only makes your win an even greater, but not really a suprise. You worked hard and earned all you got.

Next step would porobably be; “what more can I do to get even more out of it?” :slight_smile:

Congratulations once again!



Great work, and Congratz on the win… :thumbsup:


  • Dave


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