Master and Servant 3D Entry: Damir G.Martin


korayarts,thx for dropin by.

xric7,Thx,I saw your final yesterday,the image is great,and I also wish you good luck one more time.Seeya.

I had no idea that sending theese MS images to the 3D finished work was allowed?

However,I’l seeya people’z.


Hey there man, sorry that it took me so long to come by your thread. :blush: You have done wonderful work capturing the moment, very sweet work man! :applause::buttrock: Best of luck to you!



sorry for not replyin for so long! this piece looks trully great!!good luck on voting dama!!:smiley:


Impressive modeling :eek: Only thing I can do now is wish you luck :thumbsup:


Quoting to something you had said earlier…

You may rest with ease Damir… you have my blessing. This is a marvelous image and deserves all the credit it has been given throughout the thread!
It is an amazing work that has come out inspite the draw backs of annoying crits as myself. Yours definately adds into the list of threads that I am SO sorry to not have had the chance or strength to foolow up on in it’s final stages.
I tried punishing myself by reading through and examining all the bits that I had missed out on… but well ended up to be more fun than a punishment. That should tell you something! :slight_smile:

Your image is at the top edge of the works permited… there is so little to say but to wish you the best of luck!



first to repay the respect to the other ones.
mmbenya.Man,Im glad u like it.

calisto,it’s cool girl.Thx,will need it in the end :slight_smile:

razz,it’s the only thing that all of us need wright now.thx :thumbsup:

AND NOW,THE MOMENT I WAS WAITING FOR,when i saw you posted here,was allmost feeling like I won something.I was waiting for your reply and it’s here
Unlike your long posts,this one is brief,sharp,and foremost,rewarding to me,
To A I R,cos I started idolysing you.You became somekind brand of good stuff here considering the crits,and work to me.
I hope you feel better now my CG friend.If not u made my good day even better,I hope that my reaction can pass soem good vibration to you.
YEEEHAA.I can’t put my smile of.I need to thank you one more time.U’v been wounderfoul support man.
_____annoying crits as myself____nonsence,It is the thing that made my image that it is.
If I had no objectivness you and other have gave me,I’m afraid I’d stranded somewhere between this and something else,not as good as…
________ I am SO sorry to not have had the chance or strength to foolow up on in it’s final stages.___It would be great having your support all the way,U’r great wingman pal.
I’l stop my joy here.And keep the rest of good vibration just for myself :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Seeya BLACK. (i’d like to put some icon here,but there isn’t any that describes what I feel)


Oh boy Damir… What can I say now?!

You have to understand that I am really an average Joe… everyone can be like myself with a little more effort along a simiallar path. There is not much distance between yourself and me.
Only maybe a little bit of ‘experience’ diffrences on matters we have personally worked on more to compair to one another.
I have had a confersation with someone much recently for a simiallar subject such as to not walk on some one elses foot-prints… since he shall remain not leaving his own…
You are not one such, I am sure about your strong intentions of leaving your own… but I think that you have to realise that there is no diffrence between you and anyone else… they are as strong as you are, as talented as you are, as imaginative as you are… and fortunately you are the same as them. The only thing that holds you diffrent would be an amount of extra practice you would have to put in to live up to the simialarity.
This would sort of be parallel to how much you want it.
I think that you already have everything you need to be a ‘Black’… But I wouldn’t go for that… You should aim for something so much higher than this… You should try to be A I R… at his best!

You da man Damir… And all you do is flatter me to bits, even in your own thread. Thank you for laying so much value to my stuff or me… but honestly take a few steps back and try to see the my faults, my methods… and go one step further than I have gone. I know you can do it… we all do.
This entry was a step… the next shall be another… and the next shall be another … you are going to enjoy every step you take. But you are also going to pay as much a price as you did this time. If not more.
I personally wish you want this all much enough to grow into your complete potential!

Ok… that was the last lecture :slight_smile:
Nothing that you needed… or didn’t know… but I feel less like a jerk now that I that have said them.

Good luck with your steps to follow Damir; and really stop exagerating me to such a degree… I have started to REALLY fear to not be able to live up to such a high throne.



I certainly would like to create my footprints,to carve my path into the stone of 3D art.
But succesfoul following some of the greatest paths is also not to bad.
Sometimes I say,It is better to be fantastic copy,than pour original.
And also,today,is getting harder and harder to achieve something unseen.
And as for you,first and foremost,I admire your criticism,the way you comment and help to
beginners souch as my self.
Like you,and me,there is so many guys that have some skills and know how to achieve something worth admiring,but the way you interact to others and giv your advices,that is category for it’s self.
And secondly,the way you aproach to work,studiosly.That is just amazing.
Sometimes I think that is actually better to avoid that approach.It takes great deal of time.
Well,however,I’m allways happy to hear from you.
And I’m not puting you to the throne,U already there. :slight_smile:
seeya black.


I must say I find this image to be very entertaining.
The flow of action is smooth. Starting from below
moving up the spine of the raptor where the
people are, up to the Rider.
This piece has good lighting, the color is even
where the raptor pops out to guide my eyes.
Even if there is a lot of movement I dont get
lost spaning the image.
Also the nice dinamic poses make this image
quite interesting.

Thank you for the eye candy.



Icecones,dude,U gave me here allmost profesional ecyclopedic interpretation of work.
Amazed me. :slight_smile:
I’l try to throw candy’s in my future more often.There is nothing as rewarding as positive
reaction from audience,or even better a colegue professional :slight_smile:


… very nice picture … like it a lot !


3DForEverything,Welcome to CGtalk pal.Thx for apreciating my work too.Hope to see you arround.
Whoooaah people’z.
I want to start another image in 3D.But can’t cos of so many tasks to acomplish,
I need to catch up at work,considering I took 10 days of free time to finish this image till 18-th May.
Seeya guys.


A lot of hard work and effort has gone into your piece. Well done. Love the story! And the art is beautiful!

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Comp #27 - Stepmother Bobessi


Wildstyles,thx.Did push limits with it.
I guess We are all in some waiting mode,silent mode,like DIMITRI :slight_smile: .
Im making a scene,for 3D forum.Need to finish 2D concept master and servant,but ambition went cold.We will see what will happen with it.


Congratulations Damir ! 6th ! this is not bad at all !


Ahah Damir, during the challenge, you were afraid of your lack of knowledge and of practice, the result shows the opposite, you can be proud of you and your capacities. Congratulations :thumbsup:


gpepper,hahah,thx gpepper.It is actually great.At the begining I thought,if I get to 20 something best it would be amazing.Acording to that thought,this is fantasy. :slight_smile:

Lemog,Indeed pal.You act brave and in a sports way fair play guy.That is important.
I am kinda proud on my acomplishment here.Many thx Lemog.U gave this challenge
fantastic act.Just kinda strange not to get awarded for it.
Keep brave my man.
I gotta get msn damn it.I wanna chat with u peopel,exchange thoughts.
Seeya L. :thumbsup:


Congratulations on making it into the fist 10 Damir :thumbsup:


Congratutions Damir, you should be very proud!!



Congrats man, very well deserved! :thumbsup: