Master and Servant 3D Entry: Damir G.Martin


woowww really good composition and rendering… // :thumbsup:


Hi A I R

Well done on finishing, a super image, great energy and movement
hope to see you in the next challenge!

all the best

My m-s, The Hunchback


Oh boy, this story is really full of emotions!
The final image is just like I expected to see. Now… good luck (not that you need it :wink: )

and hope to see you among first.
This is very, very well done!

Sorry for late reply, I just cannot load anything but google or yahoo. Must be something

with my connection :frowning: I needed about 20 minutes to load the reply page!

Mislim da ima malo resursa na nasem jeziku za 3d, a mnogi mnogo lose (do nista) ne govore

engleski) :slight_smile: Tako da bi jedan forum ili dobar portal bili pravo osvezenje.
I wouldn’t do anything there. You would write and I’d try out and learn.

I finished my animations early this morning and now I hope that it will be worth it :slight_smile:
(Ovde ljudi i ne znaju bas sta hoce… pa sam morala sve sama da izmisljam, od pisanja

scenarija, preko celog posla sa animacijom i jos da trazim muziku!!! A spice su za tv,

znaci trebalo bi da imaju svog producenta. Bar ce dobro da plate to) :wink:



So full of fealing, sorrow, hate, anger… do i see fear in masters face or is it mad rage?

Anyway great work:thumbsup:



really great image you created here :thumbsup: Fantastic action shot :applause: You got my vote 4 sure!!!


theuni____thx.Im just happy god’s creature theese days.When they say smoking takes away few years of your life,this will probabaly add couple of years to my life. :slight_smile:

Poju,Hahaha,I tryed to put emotions in as much As I could.You see both probabaly,cos tgta was intended.I tryed,(based on you probabaly succeeded,i guess) to make master seem angry but also terrifyed of what’s to come.Maybe I could in the future,or someone for shure with bigger knowledge of 3D remake something like this,but even stronger.

atra,Glad u like it.Everyone needs it,well,some of guys here defenetly not,but I think I still need it.About forum.I think it’s good idea,but at the time I just dont have time for that.
Maybe in some near future.I also want to creat animation short.And demo reel os somekind.
I just want to get in the bussines of 3D as soon as possible.

patina.Hi,glad u like it too.I appreciated your quasimodo image too.If you have put in few more minutes tweaking shadows…Anyway,seeya.

-tolga-,I had thinked about composition hardly.I made a piramydal composition.The cause of the action in upper portion lyes in smaller piramyd with two figures,father and son.
Next level are making slaves,which are climing towards the master.I dunno,lost my thoughts.
I have it in my head in croatian.I should hire one art critician,or just BLACKDIDTHIS to
make description in artistic terms.
Generally,master caused slave death,and that caused slaves kill master.
I went for something diferent. :slight_smile:

aBlackEgg,Thx man.just read top of the post,and You’l see what u gave me. :slight_smile:

brijach1302.THX brijač.hehe.I have allmost 4 years of expirience with AIRBRUSH.
I have masterd it pretty good.Year and a half ago I started with my 3D attepts,and I fall in love at first look. :slight_smile:

SEEYA GUYS and girls,thx.


Fantastic image. Nice visual storytelling.
Well done.:applause:


I saw your progress without commenting, because there are so many participants, and well…
your pic is one of the best, technically neat, readable… the result is outstanding.
modelling, ambience, mood, environment… everything.
You´ve given the pic a classical painting treatment and it really works.



Dynamic and powerful image. I like it. The poses are nice and theatrical and the general mood was well developed. My only comment goes to the background. The light is too strong there. Good luck.

  • limo


I still need years to open something on this connection :frowning:

Sure, take your time :wink: I just had that idea for some time, and I know some other people who would work on that project/portal/forum. That would be a nice community :slight_smile:

Oh, you’re making an animation ??? WOW, I can’t wait to see it! That will sure be great.

Hey, you’re right, just try to find some good project to work on!
I had very much luck to find that man, who opened the concours for tv animator (and maybe even more luck to be choosen) and now I don’t need to worry what I’ll do next[i]

(I just didn’t imagine that it would be 3d - I learned php because that was what the most people needed who hired me until now - , because I learned it just for my university project and because I really fell in love with it. I never imagined that I’ll do it professional. But that day came :applause: and I am soooo happy).

[/i]BTW how long does it take until the jury decides who are the winners?


Damn, I need start paying some attention in the 3d area of the next contest, This is really captivating. Nice compo, by far one of the best 3d images I have seen. Good luck. Holla!:thumbsup:


Hi Damir

excellent work :thumbsup: and good idea :scream:

very mush luck…


ken T,Thx man.That was mine goal.Aparantly I suceeded :slight_smile:

bealobo.Hi man.Im just happy i made image that draws attention.And that itself is a reward.

limousine.dunno what to say.Hmmm.I’m glad i didnt go for more light :slight_smile:
I also ade it with smaller amount light in the bg,but then the light rays didnt worked well.
And there was no sence of where it comes from,so I had to put stronger light effect arround right upper corner clouds to kinda simulate sun is there.

Ok. guys I have to leave now,I’l be back very soon.My mother is yelling at me.need to go eat,the lunch is getting cold. :argh:


Ok,I am back.

atra,Yeah atra,I love animation,but so much to learn.Whole my life i was dreaming to do it and now thx to technologies I can.I used to make animated images on my scool books,and then turned pages animating the elements:) .Curently I work on this crow character,and have idea for animation series,but lots of job to be done to even bring it to descent presentation level.

As for end of judging ,I dunno,cos this is my first challenge here.

beelow,I need to go back on 2D,cos there is so much good work.At first I thought I’l get into 2D,but since I have lot of expirience with it,I decided to compeete in 3D,just to get clear idea of where am I at in 3D.

pierre_bixquert,thx for droping in pierre.

Seeya guys,and girls.
Now I’l go to starwars forum here at CG,finaly made to see the movie. :smiley:


best luck again my friend!!:thumbsup:


good entry… good luck…:thumbsup:


That scene looks very impressive! I looks realy allive!

Nice work


alexfalchi,thx alex.

k4k,glad to see people like it.

HardcoreRaver,every post from u people makes me thrilled.
I wondered arround cg challenge,both 2D and 3D,there is so many guys here I never got the chance to personaly thank for being suportive to lausy net conection of 45 kbs is just to demanding to wait loading of each thread.bummer.Should create list just as LEMOG has.
seeya. :thumbsup:


ı like your idea and composiion good luck man…


wow…very impressive!!great human ur style a lot.:thumbsup: :applause: :buttrock:
good luck to u.cheers.