Master and Servant 3D Entry: Damir G.Martin


Composition of your Image is really good, and you put a full of details on the twice character in foreground



and then out of nowhere a squadron of F18 appeared… and they had a picnic, lol how s that as an addition to the story, well u made mit… and i made it, sooo no pizza then?:thumbsup:


Those are some heavy claods. Great image, like the drama and figure poses a lot.


i knew you would manage to complete a top entry air, the final’s emotion is the best of the entries i’ve seen thus far in the comp (its still my favourite). the posing and expression of the characters is nothing short of amazing. lots of luck


tuck,thx man.
DaVee,Im just exhausted with feeling i have in my stomach.Im so happy I did it in time.
nebezial,hehe yeah man,no pizza for You.
Il Cattivo,glad u appreciate it.
conundrum,wow,what to say to that.
I think,honest thought,If there was no response from U guys while in the wip,and with al your great support and objective sugestions,this image would be 2 time lower quality and overall impression,I really think that.Cos with all your cheering and picking my moral with kind and too nice compliments,Even then I had periods with ambition crashes and stuff that make’s artist to leave project with halfway done things.
I was discouraged in begining,seeing all the talent gathered in this challenge.
And one day I have almost quit my work,by just looking at stuff few guys have made here.
But then I used that depression and bad energy in me and converted it to creativity.
My lesson,one of them atleest,is NEVER QUIT.The second I decided to take part of this challenge is probably one of my best decisions in near past,or in life. :slight_smile:
There is so many things i need to learn in 3D,but now i feel very confident about it,and have pretty clear idea what I want to do with my life,this challenge helped me.
Some things I say here might have no sence in it,but I assure you,it’s just my lack of expressing in english.there is no language on earth to describe my emotions and things in my mind.
I will probabaly by under impression of this challenge for a certain period.And also looking forward to new ones.
I’l be back. :slight_smile:


hey there… great final. I would have maybe added some sweat and more dirt to the servants… but this is a great entry no doubt…

cheerz m8


Hi Martin,THX.You say scool for ant’z,I have couple of ants needing education here:) This image came to me as an inspiration from this challenge.



Great image ! The most dynamic ! and so much characters ! They are so expressive ! Nice ! I love the light and the render ! A great one for sure !


gpepper,thx man.Im just still floating,gathering impressions from challenge.
It was rollercoster :scream:


Love your ants…:slight_smile:


Nice image! Interesting use of more classical proportions in the modelling. A rather scary vision of a master and his servants… or perhaps in this case, slaves :slight_smile:

Good work.


Waouw, i didn’t see this thread before :eek, i very like you composition, very dynamic and expressive. A very good sensation of “master and servant”…

Good work and good luck :bounce:



Hey my crow friend … I’ve been thorough many many of the threads here, and seen some truly stunning works… I gotta say tho that your piece sticks most heavily in my mind as meeting the criteria in most aspects, and it’s technically stunning too… I feel you may be further rewarded for your intense efforts my friend… Good luck Damir… You’re one to watch in the future mate!


OMG, you did this? this is one of my favourites! i think its great.

I remmeber you posted and i rember i think i posted here aswell, then i got to involved in my own piece, but i kept seeing this image and thinking how good it looked, i forgot it was urs,

congratulations mate!


6foot5,glad u like it man,as I said,you did nice job in your work,But one of those sketches was like fav in my head.seeya,thx for droping by.

DaddyMack.Hi pal.I really liked way you commented things going on in Virtuoso’s thread.
I used it as my opinion on situation too by quoting you.Your progress trough MS was lots of fun to be with.You know what I think of your characters,and my fav,DEAD TED
I’l make my self one stuffed toy,something like TED but maybe not teddy bear,but some gorilla or something. :thumbsup:

SuperXCM,Thx for souch encouragment CG dude.

Milkman Dan.One more that aprooves my work.O boy,wont this stay in my “nice memory” folder or what. KYLEBRN,where are thou?? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Vedrica,thx,glad u like my master and servant ant’z. :slight_smile:


Just popping by and have to agree with the rest of the “bunch” above… ya have a really good image here… :bounce: Good luck :slight_smile:


congrats with your final entry, best luck to your great scene! very good work man !



Adriano_Zanetti.THX man.WHAT happened to you,I glanced your thread.Pity u didn’t finish it.And,I never kneewed that J C van Damme was a poet :slight_smile: seeya.

makaron,Thx makaron,And as I stated before.Thx to bounch of guys visited me during my struggles and giving me best support one could desire. :slight_smile:

SEEYA peopel’z


the entry looks great…i like the idea and execution…
fino si to napravio, a kao 2d radis jel?:eek:


Well done Mister crow – you managed to finish in time with a great illustration – the story is inside the picture and the emotions are clearly stated. Congrats