Master and Servant 3D Entry: Damir G.Martin


One of my favourite images …it’s in my disk …:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :bounce:


Hi Damir…well you have crossed the finishline in fine fashion…execution is there from modeling to textures to poses.You can now relax until that next project…

You should be proud of you’re efforts,and now have a fine portfolio piece,and I think a very good chance of a good position within the challenge…

… Now dont be a starnger,I have’nt seen you around for sometime now…I still need to cross that finishline myself you know…:wink:

… All the best to you,and good luck…Pozdrav damir…:beer: I hope to see more of you here in the future…once again fine effort and fine results…:arteest:


wow, awesome final image, good luck bro


It has been a joy to follow your thread Damir. Your image is stunning, the very best of luck to you.


Excellent & Congs!! for the final work!


yes, really impressive piece of work


AIR it’s simply a amazing work! I’m impress.


pigwater,THX man,hahaha.I mean,U guys go arround complimenting people and forgeting yourself.I want yell anymore,I promise. :scream: :scream:

(o)ne,THX pal.

InTerceptoV,no man,Rijeka.

pissaro,Happy to get it done.

Ludal.I dunno,nothing have crosed my mind for the sky but those clouds.

DimitrisLiatsos,Im honored man.To hear this from souch Wizz’s like yourself.

Virtuoso,Another wizz.When,I mean when are we allowed to see it.Thx for droping,glad to seeya here.And no,I want disappear.Im not a member for long time.Few months ago have become one. :beer: Pozdrav i tebi prijatelju.

ilusiondigital,THX man.

handlebar,some of theese guys replyng here actually dont need luck… :slight_smile:

adel3d,Im happy finishing it.Never been at anykind of challenges,now I made great entry on my first acording to you guys.Im very satisfyed .

leho,what can I say :smiley:

venum,one of those who have allways here picking up my moral and pace.THX Venum.

I waned to say also if I havent took 10 days free time of my obligation in kindergarten,I’d never finished this challenge in time.Thx everyone.


very impressive./… all the best a i r in the voting process… :thumbsup:


Hi Damir, Really great work. :bounce:

Congratulation and Good Luck on voting :thumbsup:


impresive felling …that is a mature concept and aproach for the challenge.


Hi Air. I am glad that you have made good image on time. Good luck on voting.

Dobra ti je tehnika, no mislim da ti je malo pre mracna tematika… Ali zato su suci ovdje da se nase misljenje ponisti u neku ruku…:slight_smile:
Good luck!


wonderful work :applause: strong and moving. good luck :thumbsup:


Excellent work. I love the anatomy of the slaves. Lighting is great too!

-Best of luck!


Damir you already know my opinion…but some reapeating…Excellent work on character movements, masses and muscle deformations, just as those fine anatomic details! :applause:

You’re a first-timer here but your talent is coming trough this stunning work undoubtedly. I really hope i can meet with your following works here in the next challenges! And see you next time with picked up experiences and skills to rock this palce again. Am sure you will as i see these proofs. Be sharp and stay tuned! Count with me at voting!



Hey Damir! you did it friend…:thumbsup: Really nice final with very good look :thumbsup: I liked the desert atmosphere and the sand tempest… really very good comp and great modelling too… Congrats AIR, and I hope to see you again in the next challenge… good lucky to you mate


so many people :eek:

great job! your piece looks awesome
Best wishes and good luck!


Oooo…I like! Really well done. Excellent composition, concept, and execution. Congrats on finishing up! Top notch work, mate. :thumbsup:


GUYS,Ther is no words here to describe my feelings.Im overjoyed.

All I can see is that my net bill this weekend is going to be BIG,when I start wondering from thread to thread.At the time I gotta work,and dont have time for it.But,at work,im like zombie,all I think is you guys.I wanna stay tuned TREMO.
Seeya people’z.
And I hope all guys,that had problems with ftp,madi it.
Seeya soon.


congratulation on ur final image.
very beautiful of the best here.
best luck in contest.