Master and Servant 3D Entry: Damir G.Martin



The day was at end,shadows growe longer,but heat was still untolerable.
Big clouds started strecthing out.But it seemed as they dont bring nothing but darkness.

Only thing that still resisted this uncomfortable environment was group of men.
Tyred slaves dragged heavy block of stone across this hostile waste.
Stone was probabaly purposed for construction.
In front of slaves walked big horned animal,carrying a man on her back.
He was controling slaves,he owned them.

After trawelled long distance slaves just couldn’t continue anymore.
They stopped to rest.Master,cruel by nature,didn’t like the idea.
Angry man took his wip and started snaping over theyr heads,but no use.
Tyred man satt down in shadow of stone asking for water.
So,having no other than to grant them some rest,he ordered one of slaves
to take of big terakota dish hanging from saddle and giv other’s to drink.

Younger slave,in fear approached master’s animal.Master stared at him
from high creature’s back.Young slave started picking up dish when suddenly
animal,nervous cos of heat,moved.
Dish fall down breaking in pieces,and water soaked warm dusty ground.
Master furiosly kicked scared slave who fall down,and agressively forced animal
to trample poor slave.

Just as he killed slave,he tourned arround to start slaves draging again,one of them got up and screamed.
This slave run towards killed one throwing him self on knees,bracing dead body,crying.
Master was stuned.Started screaming on slave to get back with others.
This crying slave,as if he did not hear anything,stayed,picking up body on his lap.
Master,like insane,began wiping old slave.But the old man did not move,he didn’t react to wip cutting his back.Nothing,just tears,tears for his son.

Whitnessing this drama,other slaves unonimosly jumped and attacked master.
After taking him of the animal,they took his life.

Hope story isn’t to long.


Hey Damir,
Its nice to see it is finished, congrats. :thumbsup: Your image is a very good one and your storey filled in a few gaps but the main thrust of the story is visible by just looking at the image.
Very well done :thumbsup: :thumbsup: and good luck with this.


Wow great final Damir the lighting and dust effects added a magnificent atmosphere to the pic. Poetry in motion my friend.

A strong story to match a very strong entry :thumbsup:

You’ve really outdone yourself Damir…jsut one word comes to mind…excellent


amazing damir !

maybe more work ^?? hehe
great image… best luck in the votes… c ya !


finally its finished ay?.. very nice… ur story is nice and the image got emotions in it… vell done man… i like the guy throughting a rock…man its crazy… great dinamics in ur work… wish u all the best man… keep up the good works… :thumbsup:


Really beautifull picture.
I have folowed the evolution of your picture, and I was waiting for this moment…
Nothing to say. It’s perfect !!


Ah, I thought your earlier cropped detail of the slaves in the foreground was the final! Even that worked as a complete picture, but this is just brilliant :thumbsup:


Wow, really great work you did love the action in there, especially the guy with the rock.


You did’nt do anything with that fat roll on the master Damir!!!Why oh why?:shrug: it just sticks out like a sore thumb.
Another thing I noticed was that the servants look too heavy,too well fed.They should be real thin,and tortured looking.Worn out.
I like the textures,they are good,not too real,but still good enough.
Modeling is good too on the servants,not too good on the mster (That belly kills it),but I wish you got more of a diference inbetween the servants.
Pose’s are great.Did a great job on that.
Beast is pretty good with it’s details and textures.
Overall a real good job,and I think you’ll get in that top 15 or so.Good luck man.:slight_smile:


Hello Damir…final image!!! very nice job my friend, I really like your job…nice idea and nice details…lovly story my friend, have best luck!!:thumbsup:


Powerful image Damir, really :thumbsup: very dynamic and very sensitive… a great realization mate :applause:


alexfalchi.THX man.It’s…FINAL.We both lived to see this day come.

Kylebrn.THX Kylebrn.But you missed it.I did take your advice my friend,especially your,and went on smoothing those rolls and,whyle i was making corection,I made one nice detail thx to you.I made dirty swet under the leather straps.It’s not so visible in this small file,but in full res.As for the diference between slaves,also agree.could be better.The guys aren’t thin,cos master does not need weak man arround hrd work,so they’r well fead.But at the same time abysed and treated like garbage.Seeya KYLE,thx for advices. :slight_smile:

arlutik,The guy with rock rocks :slight_smile:

mb.thx man,kind words.

notnot.If you say so I must agree :slight_smile:

overcontrast,I shall try to keep it. :slight_smile:

gra7,yeah,defenetly,seeya. :wavey:

3dRaven,too kind words Greg man.I wish you good luck one more time,it’s good to have luck at your side with all those fantastic imagery going arround here. :slight_smile:

mmoir,Thank ya.seeya

THX for the best wishes people.


love it, great work on it all, congrats. see you mate and :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


hi Damir,its greaaatt!!! Congratulations! uv done a great job…i liked ur’s…:thumbsup: Good luck.,…


Madlight_1988,Hey man.Lose it.U should be working on getting it in Final man.
We need you to finish ittt.Now,BE GONE YOU :wip:

alex.h.THX alex.Seeya.


great job AIR … congrats … the thing came out wonderful :applause:

now i better go before you yell at me :slight_smile:


yes, you did very well, mate :thumbsup: good luck in voting


Really great image probably one of top 8… :wink: Well good luck.

Do you live in zagreb or?


I knew it will be great!!!


Nice composition man, but the sky is to empty to my mind…

Maybe a little more work on the skin would be better…
Anyway, it’s a nice work :thumbsup: