Master and Servant 3D Entry: Damir G.Martin


OK! Accepted! :thumbsup: Keep it comin!:bounce:


This is dusty composition.
I would like to hear second thought of dust.
The image is about finished,maybe small corections,check if something sliped my eye.
I wrote the story.I might post Final tonight,Or early in the morning tomorrow.
Before I post final I’l post shot of entire image,to have your blessing guys and some last minute call for tweakin’ .if any.


well I arrive really late on this thread… and :eek: wow you made an amazing work. Modelling textureing lights… all is really beutiful… :applause: congrats for this impressive entry !


I admire your skills :applause:


jddog,Thx man.glad u find me.:slight_smile:

(o)ne,I just didn’t use to it,to so much flatering and people telling me they admire my work.
Honestly.Im becoming atached to CG and U people,what to say.Predobro=too good
This challenge was great expirience for me.In meeting U guys and sharing thoughts and dreams.I’l need a whole weekend to recover from this :slight_smile: :cry:


AIR … what do you mean about thoughts on the dust ?? … keep it or lose it ??? … definitely keep it, is my thoughts … how can all that action be going on in the dry dessert and no dust … if it’s a question of how much then i’d say alot … again my thoughts

lookin good :thumbsup:


The only thing that’s cathcing my eye is the stone throwers leg. The one that’s supposed to be planted on the ground isn’t all that visible so the lifted one draws the eye more…makes him seem like his floating…maybe reduce the dust a bit near his right leg??

other than that it’s hard to find anything to crit… looks great :smiley:


A whole weekend and uvjecht pivo…:beer: dusty comp is promising…am just waiting for youuuuuuur fiiiiiinal :bounce:


3dRaven,Did anybody told you that you have great perception skill :slight_smile:
I see it,thx,I’l fix it pronto.

pigwater,No,I was just thinking if it’s ok,does it look good enough.
It suits me.but i wanted others to comment.It helps,just now 3D Raven helped not to ruin strongest actor in attacking master.So It worths asking.

I was thinking,if posttweakery wasn’t allowed,How could one,in this case me,achieve this dirt and dust in 3d,with my pc configuration.NOOT!


the dust and sand look very believable… well done on that… no crits, move on to the final!


Great compositing


AIR this was in the challenge FAQ’s

to mean that certainly means photoshop … if it wasn’t allowed … i guess just a few particles and a few months :scream:


dust is realistic, the ground is a lil too coarse, unless its pebbles… overall, awesome!!!:bounce: :bounce:


very well poses!:thumbsup:
going much better!..very nice details!:thumbsup:
good composition so dynamic!great stuff i think

be fast!:slight_smile:


Dam!! this challenge is near over and i missed your thread the whole time… shame on me:sad:

Ok… now 4 the compliments: Your Scene is AWESOME!
Great characters, stunning environment… everything looks perfect!
The only thing i´m missing is the Title :: FINAL IMAGE :wink:

Hurry up Dude (only one day left)
Whish you the best!

Good luck to you & see ya in the Voting :wink:


Evo i mene iz mrtvih :slight_smile: Kad mi neko pomene pticu ja odmah potrcim prema kompjuteru da ga polomim…

Great work friend! WOW :eek: I really like the dust!
And those scars and blood… sooo realistic !

Stvarno si genije… jesi li razmisljao o tome da pokrenes forum o ZBrush? Mislim da nam to treba :thumbsup:


holy mother of 3D. dust is awesome. i’ve been watching your work since the beginning and… and i don’t know what to say :d it just keeps getting better


Me too, it’s my first challenge. I created my entry with Maya. I took a class for 10 months and then worked another year to pay it off. This was a great challenge to relearn maya, unfortunately I didn’t read about early enough, so I had only a month. What I learned is I have a lot more to learn and I need a better computer.
I love your work, I feel I’ve entered a different time, a time where men had struggle.
All the best to you, look forward to seeing your final.


HI guys.
I Had some problems with conection.So did not post any preview shots for final image.

Versiden,Thx.Good luck in judging pal.

ilusiondigital. :slight_smile:

pigwater,Yeah,rough. :slight_smile: GOOD LUCK

arkinet,it’s pebless.What is pebless anyway? :slight_smile:

goktug,good luck man.

vampeta,I missed my self lot of great entrys,After sending final tiff,I’l lay back and do the homework,visiting all finished entrants.Good luck,You got huge story in your image. :slight_smile:

atra.Where are you girl.Z brush forum,I’m not familiar how that functions.What U supposed to do.And thx for compliments.

leho,thx for compliments.

ALISK.Thank you too,Good luck.Yeah,shame u didn’t make it earlier.
And must say this challenge was big upgrade to my skills too.
Going to send a final jpeg.
SEEYA. :slight_smile:


pebbles are small stones… nah dnt mind my commnt, your piece is simply awesome dude, you rock!!!:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: