Master and Servant 3D Entry: Damir G.Martin


one thing i notice but it’s probably too late to rapair that :frowning: the dead man is father and the crying man is son? son looks pretty old when you look at his face, so i think you should make father’s skin a bit more wrinkled


…when u post your final image as jpg here…on the left menu of the site is also a button saying "submit your final image …"or something like that …u will zip the high res tiff file u have and when u log on there the server will give u a username …a password and an ftp site to log through any ftp client u have (app)…also it will tell u the name that your zip file must have…u will rename the file accordingly and upload it…after the upload finishes …if u refresh on that page that gave u the username and password for the FTP client…u will see at the bottom a thumbnail of your fimal image…that’s it…hope this helps…


no doubt one of the most artistic entrys here…all models looks very real…your close up shot is also amazing…i think this is one of the best works around…good luck man!:thumbsup:


Gunilla,thx man,Good luck to you too.

mmoir,thx,hopefouly by tomorrow evening It will be done.

hhssuu,Thx man,Good luck finishin your entry man.

leho, :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: You got it wrong way arround man.HAHAHA.Rascal you. :thumbsup:

DimitrisLiatsos,THX DIMMI.I think It wont be big problem.
19.05,early morning.Damir wakes up.Connects to net.A mail messenger pops up.Error sending final file…AAAAARRRGGGGHHH :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

rattlesnake,WOW,Im flatered.THX.
seeya folx.


Hey AIR this look AMAZING man, it’s really great. Brate ovo razbija…

Models, texture, lighting… it’s great,

Great work


Hey Damir…nice updates mate…amazing details!!:thumbsup:


oh, so the father is crying :d no i’ve got it


Brilliant work, I love the atmosphere & the painterly quality of it all, & one of the most evocative entries too.


All loks good,textures and modeling.The masters modeling looks off around the waist and the arms somehow though.Poses are cool.


AIR, you’re so perfectionist!
Each time, I would like to say, congratulation, but each time there is an improvment. So I gonna wait tomorrow to congratulate your work.


Abishai_thx man.Hvala hvala :slight_smile:

alexfalchi,thank you too.I wish you GOOD LUCK alex.You made quite nice entry man. :thumbsup:

leho. Yep :slight_smile:

`mb .Hope to finish this fantastic journey today.During day hope to send in few more update’z on progress.

Andymdk,Yeah,had some troubles there,especialy with arm that hold’s wip.But what’s there is there. :slight_smile:

venum.THx.Im happy that I made it in time too.There are things I’d like to change,and as DIMITRIS said,I think I’l get back to this motiv one more time in near future to maybe try make theese things better.
Im off for now.Plenty of tweaking ahead.
THX again everyone,for your time taken to give me responce,I appreciate it.
After finishin,I need to visit lots of you guys and giv my thx for your supportivity. :wink:


Hi.good morning,to everyone waked up recently:)
This is masters tweaking process shot.
Its allmost done.
And then,got whole day to play with rest of the servants and dust.
It’s hard to achieve acceptable dust and shadows in it,Dont mention volumetric light effects.I’l try to create something tolerable:)
Stay__is it__tooned or touned:)


lol,that man has sum stomach rolls,fat ass.

great details.


Hey there.I think you got some real good work here.probably get in that top 15 or so.But those fat stomach rolls are terrible,they are totally screwing up the rest,the overall work,I cant stop staring at them lol.Smooth them,they are really glaring man.Ok still fat rolls aside you got some good work here.


Just continue like that Damir… the way is good and the end near… just :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


NOOB!.Indeed,he is some fatty piece of man.

Kylebrn. fat stomach rolls are terrible ,They do kinda stick out.
I’l look at it bit more,And if it starts to bug me I’l even might take your suggestion.
But when All image is taken to equasion it does not look so terrible.THX KYLE.
Hey,are you boy or girl?Kyle,I can’t make clear idea.
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

Lemog,Thx man.Im happy U like it.As I heared you finalised your’s. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
The atmosphere is warming up. :bounce:


best wishes, mate, you should finish in time! :thumbsup:


Hi Damir,

Thanks your previous reply…So stan winston and phil…you know something…hah!
Am here just to give some :gOgOGOOOOO! and :buttrock: :bounce: You’re almost there! be inspired! Your work will rock this place!


No crits, just awe. Your work has a wonderful quality to it, good luck with the final render.


Hi,Im kinda doing finish touchups.
This is composition without dust.