Master and Servant 3D Entry: Damir G.Martin


My dear cg friend,U took idea from my head,I’l sew your ass :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
It’s in the list to be done.


This is rough dust.Needs lots of tweaks,attempts to recreate something better,shadow and particles of dirt.Basicly anything that makes dust dusty.
seeya soon.


omg, i like it.


Nice Damir, nice…waiting for more!:thumbsup:


Simply :thumbsup: it works… :scream:


:thumbsup: :applause: excellent!


This is great! I personaly very like that dead poor man and the other one crying for him… that’s really touching… great work…


AIR! great great work, excellent! It’s brillant.


GUYS,dont know what to say but one laaarge graditude for positiv re’s.
I need it.It’s so hard now in the end.Must go for more.
I’l send an update now.Some detailing.


Hi people.
Im into details now.
First I taking care of father and son figures.Than I go onto other servants.
And on the master and bg last.


Impressive work… Just one remark, I think that the blood of the wounds should be less orange and more dark red… :scream:


hi. your work is just splendid! I love expression and pose of the crying man. it’s so hopeless and sad… it takes my breath away. you’ve really catched here this unattainable moment of sorrow. great work! :applause:

blood could be more red indeed.


Thx for super kind comments guys.
I have probabaly in work haste overseen the color of blood.
I’l fix it.Although,I kinda like the brighter blood,dunno,might be conected in somekind symbolic way or somethin’
Thx for looking out for me. :slight_smile:
Soon new update.


wow! now this looks amazing! good work dama!:thumbsup:


I think this is finished.
Ther is allways room for improvment but
should close this episode.
I redo the blood bit,think noe looks better.Added some light.
There is about 10 servants to tweak.
Also master,BG.
Handfull of job.
But I’l finish it.If there is anything I know wright now,than that’s it.
One week ago,I thought I’l never do it,and make it look nice at the same time.
Im so proud on son’s wounds.It’s upgrade to my skills,level up if you will:)


:scream: WOOOOWWWW!!!

Amazing Job!:thumbsup:



calisto,thx girl,Glad u like it.
Did not have time to drop and giv you postopinion.rushing here.

Procavia,hahaha :slight_smile: :thumbsup:
THX Robert.

Got go rest for a while.If I continue to look at the monitor for another minute I’m gonna fall down.

Anyway,I’d like to ask a question.I dont know is it allowed to post FINAL image file in tiff zipped or not.Anybody who has knovledge of this please share.


Haven’t seen this since the early start … my loss. This is really amazing work - with great emotions and very skilled execution. Love the mood and athmosphere. Congrats and good luck :thumbsup:


Hey Damir,
Your characters here are excellent:thumbsup: :thumbsup: , the emotion is very strong in the image.:thumbsup: Good luck in finishing this off.


it’s turning out really really nice, love the emotion and dramaticness of it. The movements of all the characters also look very dynamic. The details are wonderful too. Great Stuff.:thumbsup: