Master and Servant 3D Entry: Damir G.Martin





nice update my friend…nice post effect!!:thumbsup:


yeah, contrastic difference between creature’s legs and the father figure is too big. maybe a bit more light on the legs. and some melting to horizon too :smiley: other than that, it’s awesome


Hi guys.
The contrast and shadow on the animal legs belong to servants.
Its kinda confusing wright now,but in few hours hope to get it all and send in more complited composition.
THE CLYKE,man,it’s nice to hear that,after all effort put in it.
dvelasco,When I add mountain or somethin,MOUNTAIN :slight_smile: ,and some melting,as leho said,you will see the diference.
THX for souch support,means more than enough in theese final steps.


oh right, i didn’t thought about the servants cuz i didn’t see them :smiley: of course. i’ll wait


As I promised,here it is.
two servants left.Must put them in aswell.Tomorrow I’l start making things that will make this piece bit better.
Need to remove lot of borders from cuting,and add more feeling to the space arround servants,try to make them look not pasted on top of each other.
SEEYA Tomorrow,THX for showing interest,means great deal.Good night than.


lol haha that guy got cut up…i mean…poor guy.

nice work man!


Thank you for the kind comment on my work!
And it linked be right to a great piece of art!

This entry is amazing, great concept, great modeling, great colours!
Truly one of the best!

I wish you good luck with the contest, you have done a great job so far! Keep it up

Cheers Kam


lookin good … lookin sharp … :thumbsup: … will be lookin for the tweaks


NOOB!,hahaha,you rascal. HAhaha,unzip flyes.heheh.

Kamjar Fadai.You welcome man.But the image u made there in 2D is something so beautyfoul,
Poetic.One more time wish you GOOD LUCK.

pigwater.Hi man,thx.Sharp is part I want to get rid in some segments :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Your’s is souch a laugh.I saw it the other day,could not go without one healthy burst of laugh man.GOOD LUCK.
I couldn’t restst any longer,so I joined light saber wars.:slight_smile: ahh d’a boyhood.


Hi Damir, great comp man… :thumbsup: Keep going in this strong work my friend:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
see you


hey man… your image is amazing… just some points i think that can be better…
the master in the dino is strange… his body is strange…
i think the idea and the image will be better if the master stay in the flor and he was giving the order to the others mans…
sorry about my english… i just think this will be better… hehe c ya !
best luck friend !


Gorgeous Image you’ve built mate! You’ve some fine rendering abilities:thumbsup:


Hi Damir,

I’ve seen your latest update yesterday, but i had no time to post a reply…so now.
I don’t know your accademic skills but as i see am sure you have some. Those servants are sculpted in 3D as they were made by marble. It was surprising me…i seen the rider’s forms but that was just an intro… this crowd is really impressive! As i look at it i see kind of classic art with future tools workflow! I have no better words…damn good! So after these sentences i have to ask you to sit back and work…no time to waste…it’s too good my friend! Must be done as well as you dreamed! :thumbsup:


To crits for me for the moment… I’m watching the next steps… Open eyes and mouth closed… :thumbsup:


Hey, this is looking great dude! just a small thing maybe, but the slave you is in front of the dino jumping to get at the reins, his feet is a little awkward right now. Maybe if you lowered the toes so his feet are totally facing downwards, it would look more like he is jumping and less like he is still on the floor. Otherwise, It’s really shaping up well! I can’t believe you have so many figures, it must have taking a long time to pose them.

Keep up the great work!



Very dynamic and dramatic image you are doing :thumbsup:


Hi again! Ilove your piece, is amazing; but, one issue, right now father and son have the same gamma as the croud… I think you should make a different type of lighting or maybe by adding some dust between the 2 subjects… however, congrats! :buttrock:


Wandddo,thx man,hope to keep it to the end.

gra7.Well that’s interesing aproach to throw a crit.:slight_smile:
I think,In this last moments of my postcompositing,it would be a kamikaze mission to try change image layout.But nevertheless,thx.

DaddyMack.Thx mate.Thx alot.You too achieved one really nice and interessing image with
your freaky characters.Very well composed. :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

Tremoside,Man.I thank U forsouch great opinion on my work.I dont have any academic
skill atall.I’m self thought artist.But again,I’m not.Cos I learned from the best people.
You see,today,when we have oportunity to see diferent documentaries on moviemaking,
and late theese dvd’s with extra’s and behind the scenes.I must say I learned watching those guys.I grow up under influence of stan winston,phill tipett.
And I can think of how many artist gain my atention in cg talk,in last 5 months or so when I first time came here,and priveledged to participate in this site.
Thx for kind comments TREMO.And as you said,lots of post work ahead. :slight_smile:

Lemog,hahaha,Turns out I’m handling quite number of layers my self.seeya L. :thumbsup:

  • FredH -,The thing that bothers me aswell.It’s a must.He is falling down actually,cos the
    reins are ripped out of masters hands under servant’s weight when he previously jumped.
    You can see them flying out of masters reach,if you watch more closley.
    But I see this too.THX for rreminder.

(o)ne,what about the eye.

mosconariz.Today I’m facing this issue. :slight_smile: THX for helpin’


Damir how about adding some blood on the sand near the sons wound??