Master and Servant 3D Entry: Damir G.Martin


BLACK,Just noticed you was watchin’ it.Im thinking about your comments.
Need your opasque. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Seeya,Master of commentary. :thumbsup:


Oh darn!..

Being away I missed on so much I could have annoyed you with! :slight_smile:

Naa nothing to say Damir…everything you are doing is definately doing it’s thing. I have little to say and more to watch for.

As much as I liked the new lighting and atmosphere you have here… I actually don’t agree with Venum on lessening the contrasts of the lighting you had.
What was going on there was an impression of the highly contrast NorthAfrica where as the slaves are to work under frustrating curcumstances… where the heat is making it so much harder to even focus… thus it is hard work to just stay outside and watch over the slaves.
Sort of like you couldn’t look up because the sun would burn your eyes… get where I am going for? Sort of like good reasons to have the slaves really be on thin ice with tolernece
Now the lighting is just GREAT… the details show fantastically and you have a very tabloesque render… but the environment seems more easy to be working under. A bit more pleasent. And the dusk feel of it gives it a shot to look like the end of the day where they have already spent all of their energy at work.

I really cant decide on what to say I like more cause I have to admit that this latest looks very good.
Well not much time left in hand… just do what you want…They will all look good anyways! :thumbsup:

So what happened to post#400 Is that still going to be the final positioning for all your characters?

Ok … stopping it now :sad:
going great!



Lol… got caught on action eh?.. yeah I was reading through it all to catch up… I don’t like to JUST post something…

I believe hard work deserves time spared to apreciate it

looking good though!



post 400,HAHAHAHAHA,you rascal you.YAP,more or less it’'s going to be quit same.
What,U’r on to something better,or a sugestion?
If so,now is the time to shoot it out.
Piuuuufhhh.After u’r blessings i can rest at peace. :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


Lol… rest on the 19th :smiley:

Now… work! :wip:


your modelling skills just great! We all rest in several days, but now…:bounce:you know… :thumbsup:


Nice update Damir nice atmophere here!! good work my friend:thumbsup:


Wow Damir, what a great image, no words, congratulations mate


Damir…last update is …gasp! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :bounce:

keep going man…keep going :wip:


Damir this is going to be one powerfull piece once the composition will be finished. Very emotional characters

…go go go…:wip:


BlackDidThis,Yeah,U got that wright.But hope to finish before 18,we will see.
I just knock on wood,everything fine with computer,no problems of any kind,just slowly,but that comes with 512 memory,and not so strong nvidia fx,that could match up with my demands.

(o)ne,my eyes are burning man.I exceeded my capabilities in more than one way.
but now it needs to be finished,and it will bee. :slight_smile:

alexfalchi,glad u like it friend.

ilusiondigital, :),THX man,Its a kicker to my brain and heart,to hear theese words.

DimitrisLiatsos.Man o man,I just spended all my thx,and smillies.

3dRaven.I saw it from first sketch almost,in what direction will it grow.
Interacting with u fine people’z i made it look even better,
I’l try to send one nice post which is framing evolution of my image,or perhaps just one segment.If I make it in time.first need to take car of final image.
Today I did lot’s of preparing and adjusting to start rendering layers for final compositing,which hopefouly will be rendered by tomorrow noon.
SEEYA :slight_smile:


hey man , this is very cool. love the composition. Very best of luck for the final.


AIr! :scream: amazing, astonishing. Great work.
th background is beuatifull, the light is beautifull. the texture of the ground and the stone are actually great.The emotion is here as well.

Your work is really, but really good. there is many details, everything has been done with the most perfection as possible.

It’s a nice spectacle to see the different steps.



Tariq12,thx for droping by pal,allways nice to see new guys arround :slight_smile:

Venum,Appreciate your thought.
There is many details at first glance.
Now I’m rendering High res,3636X2657,which allmost perfectly fits for my composition,and to tell you the truth.I see lots of things missing detail :slight_smile:
There is going to be tone of job in postprocessing making it looking good.
I’m renderin at the time writing this post.So by somewhere 4__5 h in morning It should be done if everything goes smoothly.
They say they encourage post tweakery.Im happy for that.
Cos rendering volumetric lights and diferent dust and particle effecs on my pc,BIG NONO.
Seeya guys.LOONG NIGHT AHEAD,i set my clock to wake me up every hour. :argh:

Stay tooned.


Great work, you could break the horizon with what they are constructing


Hi arlutik,I was thinking of that idea,and had few guys sugestions already,but think i dont have much time left for aditional’s.Probabaly just plane mountain.
Anyway,I also want to anounce,I sucessfouly rendered my full resolution images for compostiting.
The longest render took me 3 hours and about 40 minutes.All renders together scored some 12 hours of rendering,Not precise,maybe more maybe less.I began somewhere last night arround 22:00.
Now I need rest since I had turbulent night.And then again,into the battle we go. :slight_smile:
I expect,if nothing comes into way,to post FINAL composition later tonight or eeearly in the morning.which leaves me some 2 days for postcompositing and tweaking in photoshop.


uuuu can’t wait :D:D:D:D


Hi people.
This is first compositing update.
Lots things to do,lot of it ahead.
If anybody has some good,fast taking ideas,shoot.About composition,or coloring.If I see it way you doo,I’l accept them and execute them.
seeya updates tonight.


Damir, now that I see it with the creature, I think you don’t need to do anything about the horizon it breaks it really well, great work dude :thumbsup:


This looks much better than before! And looked good already… I would reflect some light onto the lower legs of the creature, and maybe blur the horizon a bit. Looking good!