Master and Servant 3D Entry: Damir G.Martin


Nice enviroment my friend!! best luck!!:thumbsup:


oy, add some redish into the dark areas of the clouds, sort of the ominous feeling and it will make the beast pop out nicely


Air Forget my message about fifty, fifty.
I was a bit tired (even me I can’t understand The meaning of what I wriote). I like your comp, but I miss the specular and the contrast and the sharpness of detail onto the horns.
It’s a great work you’re doing


HAHAHAHAHAHA,Ur great man,Venum,i must pay you respect man.
Faantastic. :thumbsup:
Me to man.I feel energy being drained with this challenge from me like orange juice from orange.It’s destroing me.But awsome to participate in.

Neb…I here you,I’l see it when I start postprocessing in a day or two atleest. :thumbsup:


Another light test,this time with
contours on direct sun path.
BLAH,you know what I meant.
I need to turn on shadows from light that gives this contour.Anyway,still needs touchups.


Really impressive… that come very good… just continue in this way :thumbsup:


keeps getting better dude, everything adds up perfectly! keep at it, the next steps will probably be of the same quality hehe can’t wait to see it done:thumbsup:


excellent rendering!!
like ur characters a lot.:bounce:


Great update AIR, i like colors:thumbsup:


nice lighting and color man… i like the color of the sky, mayb worka little more on that, or maybe blur it out a bit more… and the skin of the master could use a bit more shine in it… thats it… its getting great… keep it up mate… best of luck… :thumbsup:


This is the idea.The slaves have
been transporting big block of stone.
Purpose,leaving it to your imagination.
They might be building something.
And when this happened every single slave went to take his anger and misery out on master,who havent spear his wip on them too.
In distance I intend to put somekind mountain chain,or dune,or some geo stuff,
and clouds over it.Just wanna break this clean horizon thing with something.


Damir it’s getting better with every update :thumbsup: Hard to crit…maybe make the ropes more detailed…nothin else comes to mind…maybe add slight red marks on the slaves hands from tugging the ropes??


god damnit, there is so much emotion in your scene :thumbsup: you have that ability to give this kind of feeling through your picture. thats too good


man this is looking really good… i love that sky u painted… really amazing… but one thng i can critique abt it is try to give more depth thorugh the cloud, right now its a bit flat… maybe some foreground coud and background cloud effect?.. use ur great imagination… best of luck buddy :thumbsup:


Damir, you are going to have an absolutely stunning piece of work at the end of this comp mate…You’ve blown me away with this piece throughout!! Very skillfully and steadily executed:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: Well done


Hi Damir, I liked very much of the positions of the characters… very natural… the anatomy in this characters is very welldone:thumbsup: :thumbsup: keep coming my friend:) I’m watching…
see you


oy, if ull have time left , do put an out of focus building, , u know what i mean


Great comp! Powerful image. Great poses, too! :thumbsup: Personally, I like the “vastness” of the background. Like they’re dragging this big block across large, open distances. Anyway, excellent work. Looking forward to the final. :bounce:


great stuff … each element just adds more and more to the image … the sky works well too

really great piece is coming out of all this …:thumbsup:


pigwater,Thx man.Im now of for the final shooting.Today is the day of ending all modeling and texturing stuff.I truely hope.Need theese two or three days left for postpro…

safe05,Im so glad U guys like the stone idea,cos i thought,well,It might be bad but,it’s
nicely accepted,im happy :slight_smile: The horizon will get a mountain or something,but in the laaarge distance,if I could achieve that illusion.

nebezial,I here you man,I’l see if I’l go for that.the idea with reddish clouds is buzzing arround my head still. :slight_smile:

Wandddo,nothing but thx.

DaddyMackYou’ve blown me away with this piece throughout!! I hope you’re not injured or somethin. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

overcontrast.Thx man,Im thinkin on the clouds.This isn’t Final cloud layout.I think i change few things.And I’l try to acheve distance effect by making top of the cloud,upper portion of image,darker,and as it goes down to the horizon line,more lighter and pastel like.

leho,you to brought smile to my face. :slight_smile:

3dRaven,last but not the least.The ropes are to be textured today.and perhaps bit smoothed,cos the poly count is visible on edges.More poly’s.POLY WANNA CRACKER. :slight_smile:
And the hand thing is a pretty good idea too.Arghh,You had to mantion it.Now gotta add more to my list___to finish things…
Seeya people’z