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The day was at end,shadows growe longer,but heat was still untolerable.
Big clouds started strecthing out.But it seemed as they dont bring nothing but darkness.

Only thing that still resisted this uncomfortable environment was group of men.
Tyred slaves dragged heavy block of stone across this hostile waste.
Stone was probabaly purposed for construction.
In front of slaves walked big horned animal,carrying a man on her back.
He was controling slaves,he owned them.

After trawelled long distance slaves just couldn’t continue anymore.
They stopped to rest.Master,cruel by nature,didn’t like the idea.
Angry man took his wip and started snaping over theyr heads,but no use.
Tyred man satt down in shadow of stone asking for water.
So,having no other than to grant them some rest,he ordered one of slaves
to take of big terakota dish hanging from saddle and giv other’s to drink.

Younger slave,in fear approached master’s animal.Master stared at him
from high creature’s back.Young slave started picking up dish when suddenly
animal,nervous cos of heat,moved.
Dish fall down breaking in pieces,and water soaked warm dusty ground.
Master furiosly kicked scared slave who fall down,and agressively forced animal
to trample poor slave.

Just as he killed slave,he tourned arround to start slaves draging again,one of them got up and screamed.
This slave run towards killed one throwing him self on knees,bracing dead body,crying.
Master was stuned.Started screaming on slave to get back with others.
This crying slave,as if he did not hear anything,stayed,picking up body on his lap.
Master,like insane,began wiping old slave.But the old man did not move,he didn’t react to wip cutting his back.Nothing,just tears,tears for his son.

Whitnessing this drama,other slaves unonimosly jumped and attacked master.
After taking him of the animal,they took his life.

Hope story isn’t to long.


I have never participated in souch challenge.I think in this short time I have gain enough
skill to do something competetive and challenging,I THINK!?.I’m also glad to bee involved in this since lot of big talents are participating too.I wanna see how close have I got to them.
Can’t wait to see the first concepts.
Think if my work get’s to bee among the top 20 works I’l be the happiest man alive.
If not I’m just gonna try harder.
Whatever happens I wish all u fine people BEST of luck and lots of fun. :slight_smile: :buttrock:


Štaje papak nauči igrat halo:D Soo air is in the air eh? well u know what i do with air !? I BREEATHE it yeah ! good luck man:twisted:


oklaa oa di ste jebem vam ! nije vam losa stranica


Ok this is an idea i got after some thinking,and thinkig was the key word here.
The story behind the image will be next.
The world is basicly the same place we live in but with the dinosaurs making it to
the presence,and by itself the mankind’s slower evolution towards the modern man and civilization we know.
In this world people have same hierarchy,simmilar religions,work’s basicly as it did work in past.
The particular scene Im doing shows us the moment.
The master we see is very cruel,sort of tyran.He patrols trough his fields in order to keep slaves working 100%.He and his beast of dinosaur are very convicing figure for that part.They pour fear in the slaves bones.
This image depict’s a moment where one of the servants who was responsable for bringin water to the rest have triped and fall down trashing a water bucket.Master was near,and he saw the slaves mistake.Cruel master approached to the unfortunate slave and trampled him with his beast.The slave died .
So,broken bucket shatered arround and water from it mixing with the blood of broken body lied under the beast.
One of the slaves came fast throwing it self on the young body,and began crying and mourning.It was the boy’s father.Master couldn’t believe souch boldnes and pull out long wip,and started swinging at the old man.The man did not respond to that.He just kept crying and beging for mercy.
Other servants have whitnessed the entire situation.
That was he moment that triggered slaves to rebel.They jumped from theyr working positions and sourrounded master.It all happened very fast.One slave throwed piece of rock that hit beast in the head.Animal started spining arround nervously,and than they came and started hanging on the dinosaur and trying to pull master down.
Master,for the first time,realised the meaning of fear.This was his end.
I hope it is understandable,despite some speling issues.


Very good idea :thumbsup: I think its better to work on relationship between brain & body ,It’s very



I was just thinking of this idea, except i was going to have the mans Hand as part of the mouse, and his face sort of surgicaly attatched to the screen !..


I like your giger reproduction,I though my self doing some of his works,he is amazing artist.
The idea you said you are going for hase its roots,If you read Dennis Koontz Midnight,I think u know what I mean.I am thinking of abanding my first idea and skiping to something more interesing,something involving dinosaurs or dino like creatures and humans,kind’a Dinotopia stuff.I though,Why don’t I make image and story that I would enjoy at the same time and participating in challenge,get the job and the pleasure together.


I haven’t read him, sorry… it was just an idea, just thought it would be a powerful image as we are all slaves to our computers…
My entry is nothing like this idea, i was just thinking of it at the time i was reading peoples posts.

To be honest this challenge is all about getting a re-action from people, so im am trying to go for a emotion peaice, plus i want to do something beautiful, and take a brake from my horror stuff.

Good luck with you new concept, but i do think you were on a winner with the old, and if you do decide you do decide you want to cary on with it, your more than welcome to incorparate my thought.
If you dont and do a new concept, think you said its always good to do something that your interested in, as you will enjoy it more and people can tell if your hearts not in it.

Good luck mate and keep me posted


HehHEH guardians eh? Yeah come to think of it it does have serious cg potential oh yeah here is a suggestion and knowing you you allready thought of that one but what if the meteor missed:wise:


Thx Eddie,STIV’N,It woul be interesing to see what would happen if dinosaurs didn’t
extinct.If the meteor had missed earth,we probabaly wouldn’t sit at our computers and doing things we ussualy do.Scary thought.


Ok,this is the other attempt.Now,for a change I think I’l stick with it,It is result of two days
intensive brain activity.It involve dinosaur:)Allthough he is not the main motiv to me it is going to be
the thing that will keep me in the project,call me weak,but there it is.
Anyway,the story tells this.
The world is basicly the same place we live in but with the dinosaurs making it to
the presence,and by itself the mankind’s slower evolution towards the modern man and civilization we know.
In this world people have same hierarchy,simmilar religions,work’s basicly as it did work in past.
The particular scene Im doing shows us the moment.
In it we see how the master loses control and authority over everything he thought he controled.
Unnececary violence and overforcing lead to the inevidable.
Think that true Master and servant situation is possible only if two of them have full understanding
and mutual respect for each other.Without it,is nothing more than illusion.

xcuse me for some bad spelling,afterall,I have never actually studied english.


nice choice. it’s a complicated scene. good luck :slight_smile:


whassamatter are you insane, captain , the cpu will break it doesnt have the power. Well since i know wery well the polygon count of your characters,:argh: all i can say is this is not a challenge just for you , it is a hardware breaker.:eek:


Hey,U,yeah U,2D guy,have U ever danced with the devil in a pale blue moonlight.
Anyway,Peopleee,Does anybody know is it allowed to use old models from personal
3d library.


Hey man ill whoop your ass so badly that you will fly thru top, side and front wiewport and land in the perspective:twisted: , whoa, i didnt know we can use our older models…SWEEET:bounce:


Another update on the subject.
Im thinking to put more servant slaves arround the dinosaur.
Servant’s are trying to pull down the master.And the master,covered with the shadow of death(dinosaur head)is in disbelieve,animal turns it head in his direction,and terryng appart the belt that keep her jaws shot,goes for a deadly byte.
On the ground there lies young dead slave and his father,miserable and desparate.
It’s going to be hell of a challenge to get theese expressions(master,father,slaves)Cos I have never actually made human face in 3D before.


ambitious piece you have here … i could be fabulous if it don’t break you r computer … looking forward to seing how you develop this:thumbsup:


Thx for comenting my attempts to create something.Thank YOU people.


Heya A I R, love the new direction and the dynamic nature of the layout etc…It’s great!