Master and Servant 3D Entry: Con Rigopolous


Con Rigopolous has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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this is probably my last update since i have school in a few days and i should really do some school work.
so thanks for the support


after seeing who is entering here - im scared.
good luck everyone.


ok. ive started the concepting


The sketch looks pretty cool. What’s the story behind it?


story is pretty simple. the human character (master) is sad because he is trying to find a new home for the little creatures in a dirty corrupted world.
the creatures them selves are in groups of families that have given there trust to this young boy.

thanks for the comment.


ive been doing a lot of school stuff and my old idea got too stale tome. so, i’ve got this other idea. i think im sticking with this one since im about to start modelling.
crits would be great.


just a quick 3d compsition of my vision.


Very funny concept, and style is great! I like those chickens!


yesss…chickens… :stuck_out_tongue:
thanks im glad you like it.:slight_smile:


no words … just a thumb :thumbsup:

well o.k. some words

chickens are cool but was really diggin the green marshmellow guys … oh well , subscibed


this is what i have so far for the master/sensei


Yeah I liked the first idea more but the chickens are cool…I like the style of your composition test, quite painterly…I’ll give it a bounce:bounce:


update on the head


Nice mod for a funny concept.

Good luck man!


yup, cheers guys. i think the robot chickens make the picture more alive and interesting. im glad you guys like them.the chickens were really my first concept in my sketch book, i just didnt know how i would fit them in the theme so i thought id go with another sketch.
but now i figured out how as you can see.


interesting concept, good luck!!

are you working with xsi?


thank you.
no i’m not. im using lightwave on this one


cute concept dude…nice to see you here. good luck.


i unwraped it quikly and did a basic texture. since there wont be any close ups in the shot, i wont be paying too much attention on this guys face - i might not have the time to finish it if i do.


i have to say, your concept is one of the refreshing ideas i’ve seen…visually nice to look at…reminds me a little of Botero…esp. the chickens. and the colors.
as for the CG model, that’s intense man. rather like a sudden spin from the initial look / feel…but cool still.