Master and Servant 3D Entry: Carlos David Costa Cabral


Frist Up of the Main Personage


Hi MadnesS
very nice work. like especially the environment. one crit - the character forearm is too long, the elbow should be placed close to the waist area. keep it up :slight_smile:


Neck Finished…


Impressive concept you made. Will you use zbrush or just model everything?

Nice work carlos, hope you get this finished



And I thought bg w/ lots of details than I see this new character (first concept, now modeling)… 8#


One wire for break the habbit…


I know wich is very hard do something like what you doing madness. Change a reptile into a human. But i
know your work and i know i can wait a excelent job in the end. i can wait a nice Background, textures, storytelling.

And i have to say one more thing.
unfortunate i think people forgot your topic…nobody post here and this make me sad.

One of the rules is participate in diferent topics, isn´t ? This dont have happen here.

sorry for my poor english


great models and very cool environment. all in all a great progress, keep it up!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


hey man…u have some really cool modeling stuff here…and really nice concept work…ok man ill be following your work:):wavey:


Very cool modeling and detailing. Will be checking in more often. Keep it up! :thumbsup:


yuor modeling is very intresting and clear . i like your evil character . i am waiting for you for complete your work .

good luck !



I agree with x3dman, very clear modeling…
keep rocking…


I’m very thanked with all the commentaries… I wait that all continue following the topic… Today unhappyly I could not shape nothing because I am with freelancer to finish, but soon that I deliver I come back to work in it.
Back soon…


ups man. please im waiting


To day its gonna be a UP day…



Arm finished, 50% of modeling completed…


Wow MadnesS, bizarre creature so far man!

Keep it coming:thumbsup:


Great starting on creature modeling, i like the body details
Good luck!!:thumbsup:


dont have to comment anything :thumbsup:

The modeling so far look very promising, love the envirment and all those details.Very good :bounce:


kickasss my friend!!! you are the guy!! nice edge flow and your model is awsome…keep goingo…and run friend… post more updates!