Master and Servant 3D Entry: Carlos David Costa Cabral


looks great, nice environemnt you got there. Car looks good too, keep it up:thumbsup:


Celica in the sceneā€¦ this red light, is a fire point to illuminate it the face of the personageā€¦


Nice work madness, the car is great!
Keep it up mate and good luck!!


I like the modelling too! But, I still canā€™t understand what is the idea :slight_smile: Tell us please


frist texturesā€¦


More Upsā€¦


Now I am starting to be happy with the result.


This will be the dead guy on background!!


Now with more details. Lack little for finish this model


Back view


The modeling is coming along nicely. But Iā€™m a little unclear about your idea so far. What are your concepts now?


This will be the deadā€¦ :slight_smile:


Well, now I can describe the scene better.

It is an internal conflict of a capable personage of if transforming into a half Reptile half man, who is the form of battle of it. The subject of slave and master goes to happen in this relation.

Therefore as it depends on this form to be able to fight, the form human being goes to be enslaved of the reptile form, therefore when it changeds itself it total loses its capacity of control, until its enemies are loosers.

So that the two form are in the same image, I go to use a water puddle, where the form human being will be reflected, with a disillusionment face. Therefore it is one monk that they have pure principles.

We go to see if I obtain to be most faithful to the rough draft.


C&C pleaseā€¦ :thumbsup:


Giger here we come.
The last update is an artwork in itself.


Kanga I am thankfulā€¦


No more coments ??? :shrug:


Hey this is re-renaissance!!! Da Vinci has reincarnated!!! Great anatomy, skillfull drawingā€¦Modeling and scene is also quite well-doneā€¦But I didnā€™t like the stomach part of the creature, 'cause canā€™t get if they are guts torn outside, or keratin plates on the stomach?


Thankyou J++ Dragon, Stomach part its like a Rinoceronte Skin, malleable, but sufficiently hard.

Very thankful for the Da Vinci partā€¦ hehehe


No more wips?

Hey, good work w the skin, man! Many details make me curious how itā€™s gonna end! :twisted: