Master and Servant 3D Entry: Carlos David Costa Cabral


I agree with x3dman, very clear modeling…
keep rocking…


I’m very thanked with all the commentaries… I wait that all continue following the topic… Today unhappyly I could not shape nothing because I am with freelancer to finish, but soon that I deliver I come back to work in it.
Back soon…


ups man. please im waiting


To day its gonna be a UP day…



Arm finished, 50% of modeling completed…


Wow MadnesS, bizarre creature so far man!

Keep it coming:thumbsup:


Great starting on creature modeling, i like the body details
Good luck!!:thumbsup:


dont have to comment anything :thumbsup:

The modeling so far look very promising, love the envirment and all those details.Very good :bounce:


kickasss my friend!!! you are the guy!! nice edge flow and your model is awsome…keep goingo…and run friend… post more updates!


wow man u have done soo much and i didnt get to c this, no fair… dude u r a hell of a good modeler!!!.. the celica looks awesome and great job on the characters… the last one is looking really cool!.. keep it up man! i’m liking all the flesh!! :thumbsup:




I thank to all the compliments very, mainly come of great artists. I’m really thankful.
We go to see what I rank after that, have that to arrange some things in this personage, still he is me seeming disproportionate, but believe that he is only because the legs had still not been shaped…
A special gratefulness to the TEL that helped me with that the topic had more prominence.
Tel valew mesmo…


not at all man… you are my friend…i have to do this for you…

but im still waiting for updates man.


Hope that you can show more… Good luck!


Very good Madness. Where is his head? I´m anxios for more updates.


0_0 wow i have no words for this it`s just to incredible :applause: :bounce: :thumbsup:


Hey Carlos,
I really like the background of your image, the lighting looks very nice. Look forward to the final image.


Cool characters and very good modeling too , the ambient brings me an caos feeling some how , maybe cause it looks like an industrial place.
Keep on it dude.


I really like your creature :thumbsup: sweet modeling can’t wait to see the final image :eek:


I thank to sufficiently all the commentaries, I am a little busy with other projects, some freelas are appearing, but if I not to finish contest the time I promise to finish this image, and who knows ties to make a animation of as the battle happened…