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Brent Alleyne has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Morning Ride/ Final: Final

Once again,“Morning Ride” is an image of Princess Ziana, air to the thrown of Terra, making her morning survey of her father’s kingdom. She rides the back of her well trained human servant, a rare breed of creature that once inhabited the planet but was driven to near extinction during the Terrran conquests. Now only a few remain, raised and trained for Terran royalty to safely and honorably live there lives in noble servitude.

Created by me with the help of Lightwave 3D and the CgNetwork community.


Yeah, I’m back. I screwed up my brent3d account somehow. Now I have to re-submit everything under Brent_3D.
This is my concept sketch for my “Morning Ride” 3d illustration. Sorry, lost my Wacom pen so I had to rough it. “Morning Ride” is an image shot of Prince Zego, air to the thrown of Terra, making his morning survey of his father’s kingdom. He rides the back of his human servant, a rare breed of creature that once inhabited the planet before it’s near extinction during the Terrran conquests.


Beginning modeling stages of the human servant.


Here’s the over all form of the human servant. He’ll have boots, rugged pants and some sort of body harness for the rider to use.






Beginning stages of Pincess/Rider model.


I think you’ve done a good job in modeling so far.

One thing I notice though is the the smaller character is way more stylized the the big guy. Unless you are going to add a lot more definition to the little guy, I would tone down how pronounced the muscle system is in the big guy.


Keep it up.


Princess overall form close to completion. No garments or details yet.


Hey great job on the modeling process. :thumbsup: Cool ideas all the way around.



hi brent…nice modeling here!..nice style…man good luck :slight_smile:


I like those lightwave stuff, because of using my favorite program maybe:)…The arms with hands are quite pro-done…But the face of the servant must be significantly different, I mean it is so ordinary, man!!!..Master is cool enough for an initial model…Watching closely progress of your project!


Thanks J++ Dragon. Thats just the servants general body type. Now that the Master is pretty much fleshed out I’ll begin to bring out some character in the Servant and work back and forth. Must represent. Thanks.


Looking good so far, I like your modeling style.
What kind of terrain is in the princess’ kingdom?


Terrain will be grassy with rolling hills. There will be a thick early morning mist. A pleasant and natural surrounding to frame and contrast the wild brute like nature of the servant and the controling and commanding presence of the royal alien princess. At least thats the idea.


hey nice work, it coming along really fast. I especially like the big guy. I will be looking forward to how it plays out. Cheers, good luck.


From one waver to another…wow!

Looks like your know your way around the human anatomy too. Your characters are very cool, I will for sure keep checking out your progress.

Subscribing :slight_smile:


Beginning stages of the Princess’ wardrobe elements.


Nice models. I like the toons. Good job so far. Good luck on the rest of the entry.


ya got a really cool princess … love the style … that big dude, very nice as well

looking forward to seeing the the lanscape play out and how this all works together

nice work:thumbsup: