Master and Servant 3D Entry: Björn Sörensen


Björn Sörensen has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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Latest Update: Texturing: Fur Test #1

Early test I made with fur and some ealy velvet shading on the horn.


Good luck.


R U in holidays or something? Well I’m looking forward to seeing something here! :slight_smile:


Oy, it’s coming mate, I’m doing some sketches but I can’t find an appropriate idea. :slight_smile:


wellcome and, hoppas uppdatering komer snart, ha en bra dag och :thumbsup:


My premise was to create something that were not associated with violence or sex, only purely emotion of “submissive freedom” as that of the relationship between Chewbacca and Han Solo, where chewie got a life dept to Han but still they’re unseperatable.

After my initial idea I wrote down a small story (influenced by Linda Bergqvist in D’artiste).

Useful C&C is highly appricated, which one should I choose?


Super colors. Looking forward


This is the second color study, though it didn’t end up quite as I wanted it.

The story doesn’t read too good anyway, so I think I’m going to go with the red one (jumping elk).

C&C appricated!


yes you’re right , the red one is the best i think ,for the hot colors which reinforce the emotional/friendship side of the charchters and for the jump , which is more dynamics and reinforce the freedom aspect !
This concept cool bring a beautiful picture , keep it up


pleasant sketches. the jumping elk is great.


definitely go with the jumping elk one , awesome idea!


morgan & smaddl - thanks!

Sheep Factory - Thanks, I’ll stick with the jumping elk then :wink:

I’m going to sketch out the girl and crop the picture some, but that have to wait until tomorrow, I’m going to bed!


I like the jumping one, nice work man :slight_smile:


And I thought that I am the only one who is making girl and elks :slight_smile: . Though I am doing creatures which will look like elks, they won’t look like usual…

anyway good luck, I like your idea, and I agree that (jumping elk) version is better.


the jumping one probably can be really more evocative, becasue you need to have conficence with someone else to do this jump… the relationship can be more intense in this case…
Really a nice concept :thumbsup:


This is the final concept.


Here’s the first blocking of the elk character, this is two hours worth of work.

I’m going to fix some problems, and then I’m going to use Zbrush to add fur and details.


Very nice concept. I’ll be watching this one. :slight_smile:


I never seen a elk only on t.v. and for modeling in 2hrs. i really like it alot…and looking at the other images you have they are pretty cool and I look forward to seeing what else you have.



Yup i also find the jumping elk concept the best. Nice colors and mood.

awaiting the zbrushed version.

~ Reinier