Master and Servant 3D Entry: benyamin razian


benyamin razian has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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Latest Update: Post Effects and Compositing: mix

somthing like that.


Hey Benyamin,
You are going to have to model quickly , Good luck.


This first step my sketch story. one footstep


I wanted to create a very naughty child, who has bothered
his parents so much that they got an expensive babysitter
robot to take care of him!


Z-2500 is the most advanced heavy industrial worker robot
in the markets, but currently is the most unfortunate
one in the world!
because for me :))


Unlike others I made the base
mesh of the child in ZBrush then
imported the model in 3DSMAX.


done wire.


very quick whitout detail.




hi guys, it’s comic story.
welcome for c&c.TNX


Wow benyamin . Yr final image about the character looks like good .
charactetre kheili bahal shode . az formesh kheili khosham miad
Hope to see more progress .goodluck … :thumbsup:


another object.


I really love this one!

great job!



baby’s eye .


first light GI.!


what an absolutely excellent design ! Love it.


good modeling and nice idea,
It is necessary to make materials, Good luck!


somthing like that.


Great Work. I like the original Idea and the Modell has a nice style to it.
Maybe there are too dark spots in the Picture, but hey, there is always something.


good job man .
it’s lovely…:scream:
specially baby…:applause: