Master and Servant 3D Entry: andré richter


a great and maintained style you have mac_andre… glad to see that you kept a flow with your modeling … off to the texture shop i guess so good luck with that… try to keep a similar level of colour scheme with texturing… good luck :arteest:


i like your original style
great modeling
Good luck:thumbsup:


I’m waiting for another update? Hope you will finish before 18 may


@ pissaro: i´am so sorry. i can´t end this projekt in time, because of the birth of my third son (30/04/05). so i got no time to work on this, but i will end this projekt.
in the next week i will post in the wip section… :wink:
thanks to all postging here :buttrock: :thumbsup: :bounce:


sorry if I missed it… but are you going to have a windmill in there some place or is it just about the three main characters?.. I think the final composition will be all important in this one to make the whole thing gell. Oh and really good models. I wonder if we will see them again some time?


@ cmp: my idea was to show the group of these three chars in ther moment when don wants to attack the windmills. don is attacking and sancho holds him back by holding the horse.
i planed, that the windmills are reflected from the eyes of the charakters or that the shadows can be seen at the ground. :thumbsup:
look at the wip section, i will post my progress… :wink:


and best wishes


Wow… very great stuff!!

To bad you could not finish this, because it´s very very great!
Very good modeling skills and cool character design. Looking foreward to see the final!

And of course… Happy Birthday to your third son. (Modeling in real life is much cooler :scream: isn´t it? Hahahaha! :slight_smile: )

See ya


thanks vampeta! :bowdown:
now my sun is very alive and i am sooo tired… :banghead: :twisted:
i will end this projekt, but i need some time to end my new one.
maybe you can take a look…
cheers :wavey:


Good luck with your frist CG challenge! The sculpt is funny when I saw it frist time.But the secondly time ,I love the design!


i find it a really nice 17century-inspired … (in my opinion)

its funny 2 me and verry nice done



good work .very nice of model. I think if add to the material very good.


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