Master and Servant 3D Entry: andré richter


hello folks!
nice to see the positive replies. :thumbsup: hope i can finish in time…

@ fellah: the cartoonish entries are a bit rare in the last challange, but i saw some incredible entries this time. but i must say that there are a lot of realstic z-brushed entries here. so we will see who can make it this time
:smiley: :slight_smile:


now i have modeled the hands of sancho. in the next step i will add some clothes…


here is the back view…


Now you’re just showing off Andre! He’s an excellent contrast to Don and an equally humorous character in his own right…I really appreciate the total sense of style you’ve maintained throughout this project so far…Keep it coming:thumbsup:


very very nice characters :thumbsup:


here is a quick color test of sancho.
modeling is ready i think. i will add more wrinkel in the clothes by using
sub-polygon-displacement. the clothes are lookink a bit flat in the moment, but that will change, i hope :slight_smile:


wonderful stuff … great characters each with their own unique personalities poppin out … definitely a fine piece shaping up here

great stuff :thumbsup:


I loved the characters!



here is the first step of the horse modeling. i never modeled a horse before. so it is just a little new expirience to me…


@ pigwater and Diogo i´am glad that you like my chars. :thumbsup:
i tryed to update as soon as possible… :cool:


Hey Andre!!

Man, how fool am I ?! I didn´t see your thread dude! A great cartoonish trace! I like your modeling and all the stuff!! The horse is ok!! Great thread man!!

See U!


I just love the style you’re giving your horse very nice work. :thumbsup:


• I like how it is comming!, nice style and very good modeling, Keep working like this! :thumbsup:


perfect style:thumbsup:!!looking forward to see more updates


i just modeled the hole body now. here is my little rosinante :slight_smile:


mac_andre, great job mate. I really like the direction you took this horse. It fits right in with your other characters. Keep up the great work I look forward to more!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


I like your horse model :slight_smile: Very nice style! Congratulations :slight_smile:


Hey mac andre! this is great! flawless! and very stylish!
keep it up,will look back fo more:thumbsup:


Very nice models! I love your style!

Weiter so…

Is auch meine erste challenge…

;>) Jake


love your style dude… keep it up:thumbsup: