Master and Servant 3D Entry: andré richter


andré richter has entered the Master and Servant 3D.

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Latest Update: Modeling: rosinante model

i just modeled the hole body now. here is my little rosinante :slight_smile:


this is my first scetch of don quijote, the knight of the sad shape…
fast scetch with a little overpaint in


here is the first concept scetch of sancho panza…
hope you like it :slight_smile:


hello there!
this is my first cg-challenge. i´am very happy to be with all of you. i have seen fantastic works and artist here. i think this will be the geatest challenge ever. :thumbsup:
good luck to all entries… :applause:

i my image i will try to tell a little part of the story of don quijote and sancho panza. in the final image i want to show the fight between the pure knight and the windmills…


Hi Andre. Good luck with your first CG challenge. It’s fun! Good concept idea. Is the angle that Don Quijote is servant to his madness (tilting at windmills) or are you making it between him and Sancho Panza? Just checking. Like your sketches by the way. :thumbsup: Claireabella


hi Claireabella!
thx for your replay :wink:
in my picture you will see the relationship between quijote and sancho and aditionally you will see the relation between quijote and the windmills… but first i have to creat the characters… :cool: i hope i can make it…


this is the concept scetch of the third character…
this is the horse of don quijote named ronsinante.


Best of luck for this challenge, I like the style of your sketches! Keep it up :thumbsup:


That’s a good idea. your sketches are great. I’ll follow your thread to see how things will evolved.
Good luck to you:)


The sketches Show GREAT Character, and Im sure youll be able to fully imprint all that into a 3d model. Go for it!

Best of luck.


heya … I your sketches alot… cool character design… gl for the challenge


this is the first version of the head…


here is the wire…


HI, he looks amazing to me, really cool characters:thumbsup:


awesome don quijote!! Love the style!



thx for the positive replies :applause: …
in the moment i work on the body. so, i hope i can give you a little update this day… :slight_smile:


hahah its so fun. l always like charicatured ones


Very nice modeling :thumbsup:


here is the first version of don quijotes body. most of those parts can´t be seen, because they will covered by clothes. it´s just a test, so i can test if the proportions a right…


here is a little update, just to say that i am alive :wink: