Master and Servant 3D Entry: Amin Khan


hey , thanks se7entcin. im sorry to hear about you pulling out, i hate it when everthing seems to go against you. Im glad to hear you will finish it off, i think its an image that dosnt need a competion to justify itself. Best of luck with your studies , your computer and finishing your image at your own leisurely pace, and hopefully see you next challenge, man ive still got a lot to do!!:sad:


Ok time for us to finish Amin…I’ll be looking for it…best of luck…See you at final…:arteest:


ligting test, which i like, alos add some post work, couldnt help my self…things that still need doing: hair(nightmare!); shadows(to spread and blotchy); and maybe some mor detail in the scene; post needs a lot of tweaking…must get back to work…laters


wow… freaking idea!:twisted:

emm… I love the BLOOD!!!


i had to paint the fur on in the end as my software clagged out, what mention which plugin it was


rende3red image before putting in photoshop


final image, not happy but what can you do??


Nice one Amin :slight_smile: I used to keep a Bengal tiger as well, and its penchant for tomato sauce sandwiches caused the same amount of damage to the wallpaper. So i painted the walls red, and would you believe it, it only went and developed a taste for salad cream sarnies :smiley:


lol, thanks stoat mate, im glad you realised it was tomato ketchup, quite bizzarely most people think its blood that is splattered on the wall, i would never make such a twisted suggestion!


WOW,Loong time no see.U finished it.Great man,glad for you.
It’s nice looking image.I loved one of your sketches u made,but this too is not bad.
I wremembered I saw your thread earlier in challenge.Good luck pal.


just like to say a final thank you to everyone involved in the challenge and especially everyone who took the time to post in my thread. good luck to u all.



oops… i pressed the wrong button


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