Master and Servant 3D Entry: Amin Khan


Ear, that deaf geezer says there’s sinister groups afoot :eek: :hmm:


The facial features are impressive but imo the shape of the head is a bit strange, the forehead seems too large.


I think I’ve twigged that uv mapper problem. What I was soing was saving to wavefront while the hypernurbs was on, so getting a very fine mesh. As low poly it should give me teh guide lines I want for painting. :banghead:


man, you’re good with the pencil! :applause:
Try to redo the girl’s hair, it’s a litle like a “cloth”
good luck

My master & servant entry


a skin texture made and applied to the little girl, proper eyes as well…still tweaking mind you.


girls face textured, playing with some sss


oh btw, thanks for the comments.

i forgot to mention that the girls face has been radically remodelled, ok, going to commence on the tiger now…grrrr!


Go for it Amin, :slight_smile: I think my favourite tiger has to be the one from Winnie the Pooh but the awe inspiring ones are The Siberian Tigers. You’ll have to read William Blake’s Tyger tyger to get in the mood for this.

Elf maidens? I thought I was the only one that had noticed that :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


A mind blowing new scientific theory :eek: tiger backwards is regit :slight_smile: Thus proving that tigers evolved from frogs :thumbsup: Eat your heart out Darwin :smiley:


tiger modelled, teeth and eyes to do, cant stay, must finish entry…bye!


texturing has come out nice for the girl,nice facial features as well…The tiger has come out well too,just some more added touches and modeling…best of luck in these last days,all the best in geting this done as you planned…it’s 24/7 as of now for us both…see you as you get this further along…:arteest:


hello Virtuoso, how are you doing? cant frequent these forums as much as id like as im working flat out on another computer, trying to learn bodypaint so i can get that tiger textured. Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated , as always.

Hello Stoat, tigers evolved from frogs heh? hmmm how should i reflect this discovery in my model…i know, ill have sitting on a lillypad…thanks stoat. :slight_smile:

hey matheus, thanks for the comments man, the hair is indeed going to be redone.


Hi Amin :slight_smile: give it a long tongue catching a fly. The tyger looks real good.


lol, a long tongue wrapped around a fly may do it, thanks for the support , im glad you’re still keeping an eye on my thread. :thumbsup:


Nice tiger, want to see more


tigers got his stripes, not entirely happy with texture, working on it but cant spnd too long on it…still soooo much to do!!


Hi Amin… Nice stripes…Nice to see you getting closer…keep this up,i am rooting for you,we can both make it…we will do it in style with minutes to go…:wink:

All the best as you go on…I’ll be watching…:arteest:


helly Michael, thanks or the comments mate…you burning the midnight oil aswell?? :slight_smile:

i need to get some sleep! :scream:

Illusiondigital: thanks, i dont ever want to see another tiger again!


ok, getting there with the tiger, the fur needs to be more detailed and accurate and he will have a tongue, not entirely happy but may have to move on now juat two days


I figured I’d post this in your thread to make it easier for you to read :smiley:

I really appreciate your enthusiasm. I really wish that I had the time to finish this. I had two hard drive failures in the past 2 weeks and my school term started today. Juggling this work and my fixing my computer has been a big pain. But I’m glad you like my idea and hopefully I will find time to finish it even without beating the deadline.

As far as your entry, it’s really coming along. I I’m liking the update on the texture with the tiger :applause: