Master and Servant 3D Entry: Amin Khan


ok, keep your eyes peeled , yet another concept sketch comming up later tonight, different composition altogether…and this will be the final one


ok, here is the final concept, ive had a littel break and this is the composition i gonna go with. i can finnaly start modelling. phew.


Nice…good to see you set to go Amin…it’ll be a fun ride…the fur too will be fun to create with…I am doing quite my share with Max and hairFX for my entry…So we can pull this through together…have fun…I’ll keep an eye open for your updates…:thumbsup:


hey virtuoso , thanks again mate, really appreciate the feedback and encouragemen!:thumbsup:

ive settled upon the concept, for no other reason than it ‘feels’ right, …oh and also i havnt much time left. :slight_smile:

im just going to check into your thread again now, im keen to see how its progressing, ill be sure to quiz you if i have any questions regarding the fur! thanks. :wink:


Hi again Amin, great choice…Very straight to the point of blurring that line between master and servant…
Good luck:thumbsup:


wire of girls head,

still much work to do but i thought i should post some progress, symetry mod still applied , im aware of the issues of where the two halves combine, i will clean this up once ive collapsed it.


shaded version


i modelled without a ref and was quite pleased with the way it came out, she looks alot like i had imagined …perhaps she looks a bit older…but all in all i think i got that pensive/sad feeling in her face, the eyes are just placeholders at the mo.


Hi! Good idea and good modeling for little girl face.


thanks for your message! I was thunk that nobody send one to me…lol!

That’s funny: we have the same picture, but yours is for children and mine for adults! lol


not much to show here, just keeping my thread alive :),im modelling the girls body first and then im going to clothe her, the reason for working this way is because i can try different costumes on her as im undecided as to her final outfit.


Hi Amin, I like the girl’s face :thumbsup: She has a slightly petulent, slightly cross, slightly spoilt look to her that I think will work really well with the overall concept. Makes me think of Blake’s “Tyger, tyger” this one.


just a little test trying to recreate that distinctive victorian era feel, though more experimentation will come after the modelling has finished.


just some progress on the left arm, this arm will be holding the lead as per concept drawing, just posting my progress every night…ive worked on the rest of the body aswell, the shoes are almost done and i think i will be making her gown very soon…then will come the tiger.


clothes were always gonna be tricky, i found that spline modeliing offered the easiest way.


gradually getting her dressed, many issues to resolve, head isnt affixed yet, as im not sure about her expression, may end up shortening her limbs aswell…maybe not. anyway i reckon she will be fully clothed by tommorow.


ive got a little ahead of myself as is my wont. just messing around with hair, the model of the girl is far from ready and will look a lot different/better. just thought id post this to give myself a better thumbnail before i dissapear for a while to get some hard modelling and texturing done, i will still keep an eye on the forum so any comments are welcome. thanks


Looking good Amin, :thumbsup: I think her head is just a might too large, not much in it but perhaps scale it a little with a bit more scaling in the y axis. Could you post with a black and amber stripe in the background? The dress being grey might recede when the tiger’s colours are put in. I would go with a purple colour for the dress as that’s the complimentary for yellow.

Great work anyway, bit of a demon worker once you get started :slight_smile:


cheers stoat mate,

lol, yeah the head may be a little large, please understand that the head still isnt affixed to the body and has just been imported from a seperate file and plonked on the body. im still toying with different expressions. good point about the colour of the dress, also an unresolved dilema which im going to have to tackle, infact im thinking of designing her another dress altogether. the hair is very bad, it was just a test, she will probably end up having curls. 

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