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Latest Update: Final Image: Indian Kitten

final image, not happy but what can you do??


Sorry for taking so long to submit something but I felt I should spend as much time as possible thinking of an idea. For me that is the most important stage of all.


The master/servant relationship is essentially a degrading one for the subservient party. It is, by its very nature, counter to the values of equality that have prevailed in modern times. Slavery has been abolished for a long time in most of the world and even having servants isn’t common practise.

However we still treat animals as subservient, and force many of them to serve us. Now I don’t claim this is wrong or right, I eat meat, wear leather and have ridden a horse. The observation I would like to make is one where we subjugate mighty beasts that could crush us so as it would seem that we are the stronger. Chimpanzees are forced to wear clothes and mimic humans though an adult male chimp could rip a man to pieces. There is the irony of the man who forces an enormous elephant to rip trees from the ground simply by wielding a stick. I feel bad when I see majestic and beautiful animals not given the respect that their size or stature should afford them. But that is the odd thing about animals and humans. It seems animals are too willing to submit to the will of what they apparently see as a strange and superior being.

But what if one day they realise there own power and our apparent weakness. What if there is a momentary realisation , and a brief pang of pride and understanding of their humiliation at the hands of this arrogant creature. It is this question that I ask with my concept and this relationship I explore. I cannot think of a more majestic animal than a tiger and sought to use this mighty animal in a scene which would exemplify the point.

My scene shows a girl in Victorian times abusing her rather exotic pet that her father brought back from India. The girl treats the mighty tiger like a toy, so resolute is she in her opinion of who is master and who is servant in this relationship. The tiger, once king of all he surveyed is now reduced to following the orders of a spoilt little child. One day he mauls the little girls doll, it hangs limply from his powerful jaws just as the little girl would if he were to feel so inclined, and the little girl admonishes him, she tugs on his flimsy little lead, the slim piece of rope could be broken in an instant yet it seems to confine him like a ball and chain. Normally the tiger would cower and accept the little girls rebuke, but there is a glint in his eye today,

first concept sketch, trying to find a striking image/pose/composition


second concept sketch, trying to find a striking image/pose/composition


pls ignore this on the 2d challenge, posted in wrong forum, whops! anyway this is my third idea for composition/pose


a slighty more detailed concept


ok, here is the treatment to the image to make it more like a victorian photograph, this is ultimately the look i want to achieve…but obviously done better. this particular treatment was done quickly so u could just get an idea
ps. sorry for the same entries in the 2d section…im getting very confused, and submitted there by accident…again!


thats a great concept, quite a different approach to the challenge but I think its the best so far. Keep it up and good luck to you.


another idea for composition, to be honest i ike this one but would much appreciate some feedback, thanks.


hey mercy, serverity thanks for the comments, much appreciated. its so important to know if you are on the right track or not , if people dont mind id like some views on which composition they prefer , thanks! :slight_smile:


I like tigers,i though of conpeeting in 2d with something involving tiger.I like the last one U posted much.Think U shouldn’t bother your self too musch with the pose or how to put the characters inside the scene.You will figure it out when you start working in 3d.
Good luck with the fur,cos if you dont create belivable tiger,the whole thing is rulend.


thanks AIR, i love big cats also, i think they’re magnificent and the tiger is biggest so i chose it to juxtopose with the tiny little girl. I have to say that i strongly disagree with your suggestion that i should start modelling without being sure of the final composition. try ing to correct mistakes at the modelling stage is more frustrating. though i accept some issues only become apparent one you start modelling and i need to get a move on! i think i will start modelling the elements which aren’t dependent on composition, like the rocking horse and doll house etc.

the fur may prove to be problem, im not sure how well i can recreate a tigers coat with shag fur, i could cheat for the most part by making the coat a texture as it lies very flat and smmoth on the tigers body. the downy soft fur on the underbelly and the mane blending with the groomed fur of the body may prove to be quite a challenge.


I like all the concept sketches, but i think that the second and last sketches are the best, it can make a mixture of both, the tiger static in rest, indifferent to the action of the girl.
Good luck!!:thumbsup:


I’ve changed the concept once again, going for a completely different composition. I wanted an image with more power, and nothing conveys emotion with more power than facial expressions. so i found a pose which i think is compelling and revealing yet leaves some ambiguity as well. the subject matter remains the same.
pls let me know what u think.


I think the one with the toys is the best. If you lie the tiger down and have the girl pulling the doll directly, that will give you the close up shot. The victorian toys, I feel, add a lot to the concept and should be in shot behind the tiger’s head. maybe the dolls’ house and the ball at least. It would look good done in sepia with all the scratches and marks of an early photo. Maybe even hand colour tinted as a lot of those things were. :thumbsup:


thanks for the comment stoat, i take onboard what you’re saying and im torn between the last sketch and perhaps a scene with more elements in it, victorian photographs seem to be posed quite formally which again would suggest the last sketch to be the most suitable. i like the expressions and pose but cant help thinking there could be a more striking one. im gonna stew on it a couple more days. in the meantime any futher suggestions would be most welcome. thanks.


Oh, I do like the close up version but I think you need to be able to see both of the tiger’s eyes. As it is the cat looks rather aloof. It’s a hunter that would never look at anything, other than face on.


thanks again for the feedback stoat, much appreciated. the issue with the eyes is an interesting one, at the moment , yes it is profile so only one eye can be seen and that eye is shut. if the eye was open it would transform the image, the tiger would look much more threatining and the girl would be seen as prey, yet as it is the tiger could be playfully biting or even about to lick the girl. the image was more to convey what might begoing through the tigers mind as much as the little girl, who seems oblivious to her pet’s motives.


Ulp…this thread scares me…Must be my cat issues…ulp…

Hi 6foot5, great concept nutting so far, I think you nailed it with the toys shot, I’d run with it:thumbsup: Good luck!


Hi Amin…Nice sketch work…I think the last is most compelling …the contrst of the two is really apparent…It looks “dangerous”…

As for the fur with shag you are going to have to really follow the contours of the body…get those vectors pointing just right…It will be a task for sure…I’ll follow your progress…Hope to see you nail this on the head…Best of luck,and nice start…:arteest:


thank you DaddyMack and Virtuoso, i feel im leaning towards the last sketch though if i dream of something else tonight, who knows?

im not looking forward to applying the fur, its gonna be a nightmare, but im commited to this piece now, and it will be a good learning experience for me!